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The little Kiril from the Intensive Care Unit left home in an excellent condition

After one month stay at the Intensive Care and Therapy Unit, the first premature baby that was taken care of in the Clinical Hospital “Zan Mitrev”, was dismissed home.

It is a matter of a newborn who has been transferred from a birthing center with a weight of 1.400 grams and serious cardio-respiratory complications. After appropriate 30-day treatment at the Intensive Care Unit, the baby was dismissed home today. He weighs just over two kilograms and he is well adapted.

His parents are overjoyed just like our doctors who have successfully completed this happy story.

– We can not wait to take our little Kiril home. Everyone is eagerly waiting for him. As his mother, I was here with him every day, and I am grateful to the entire team from your clinic who showed immense love, care and knowledge to help the youngest, the most fragile, the most gentle … to help the babies who are prematurely born and have health problems. Our baby was in safe hands and now everything is fine – stated the mother of the little Kiril, while leaving our hospital.