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Dr. Lidija Veljanovska Kiridzievska


Place of birth:

Skopje, Macedonia



1991-1997 Medical Faculty of the University “St. Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje, Macedonia
1997-1998 Emergency Center  Military Hospital – Skopje, Makedonija
1998-1999 Private Health Organization, Kumanovo
2000-2004 Specialization in Radiodiagnostics Faculty of Medicine, Skopje, Macedonia
2000 Specialization ultrasound, University Hospital “Merkur”, Zagreb, Croatia
2001 European School of ultrasound (EFSUMB Euroson School) Timisoara, Romania
2002-2007 Worked at Institute for Radiotherapy and Oncology, Skopje, Macedonia
2006 Course on PET / CT examinations in Oncology, European Association of Nuclear Medicine, Vienna, Austria
2006 Training for MSCT diagnostics and PET / CT examinations in Oncology – Istituto Clinico Humanitas, Milan, Italy
2007 Starts work  Radiologic diagnostic specialists, Special Hospital Filip II, Skopje

Until know

2007 Training for diagnostics with 64MSKT (General Electric): Clinical Center and the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases Dedinje, Belgrade, Serbia
2008 – Training for Cardiac diagnostics with 64 sliced ​​CT, Cardiac Center: CCN Cardiological Center North, Paris, France:

–  International Seminar on magnetic resonance imaging, Ohrid

2009 Training for cardiac MRI and CT examinations, European Society of Cardiac Radiology, Leipzig, Germany

2009 European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, Austria

– 2009 Third Balkan Seminar on Telemedicine and e-Health, Skopje, Macedonia

– 2009 5th International Symposium on State-of-the-Art Imaging, Taormina, Sicily

2010 Third European radiotherapeuthical workshop for steretotactic radiotherapy and radiosurgery of the whole body,  Brussels, Belgium
2013 –          Certificate of interactive (on line) training  for coronary MSCT examinations

–          Clinical upadate  in cardiac MR and CT examinations, Cannes

“5th Uro-oncology Winter Congress” 30.01-03.02, 2013 Skopje , Macedonia

2013 Oncologic imaging course, Dubrovnik, Croatia

XI Balkan Congress of Radiology – Ohrid Macedonia ,

2014 Cardio thoracic imaging course , Palermo, Italy

Course of Management in Radiology, Bologna, Italy, September ,

2015 Training for computed tomography of the heart, Budapest, Hungary

– Musculoskeletal Ultrasound course , Traumatology hospital , Zagreb Croatia



-International Skeletal Society ISS Workshop, Skopje Macedonia

– Advanced Cardiac  MR Imaging, Zagreb , Croatia

– Advanced Breast and Female Pelvis MR imaging, ,  Athens, Greece

-Balkan Radiology Congress, Thessaloniki Greece

2017 Education : MR diagnostic of temporomandibular joint,    University Medical  Center Ljubljana, Department of Neuroradiology   , Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • Native RTG graphs of systems
  • MSCT of systems (accent in cardiovascular diagnostic in adult and infants)
  • Thyroid ultrasound and ultrasound breast
  • Breast and female pelvis MR
1998 Macedonian Chamber of Medicine
2004 Macedonian Association of radiologists
2008 European Association radiological
2009 European Society of Cardiology radiologists
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