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Milan Risteski MD

Clinical oncologist

Place of birth:


2010 – Specialist in radiation oncology

2000 – Graduated at the Medical Faculty, University “St. Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia (average grade: 8,10)


2023 – Clinical oncologist at Zan Mitrev Clinic, Skopje, Macedonia

2022 – Licenced Court Expert of Oncology and Radiotherapy

2020 – Clinical oncologist at One Hospital, Macedonia

2018 – 2020 – Clinical oncologist at Zan Mitrev Clinic, Skopje, Macedonia

2012 – 2017 Medical Director of the University Clinic of Radiation oncology, Skopje, Macedonia

2010 – Specialist in radiation / clinical oncology

2002 – Employed at the University Clinic of Radiation oncology, Skopje, Macedonia

2000 – 2002 – Volunteer resident at CARIL (University Clinic of anaesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care), University Clinic of Pulmology, than Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic Cair and University Clinic for Infectious Diseases

– Principal Investigator of the G1T28-03 and G1T28-04 clinical trials
– 14.02.2012 – 20.06.2017 Medical Director of the University Clinic of radiotherapy and oncology, Skopje. As such I have implemented:
o The central sterile gravimetric chemocompounding Cabinet, digitally guided, as well the procedures and the work flow
o IGRT as a radiotherapy technic
o Completed clinical pathways
o National Health Accreditation Certificate for the Clinic
– In 1995 and 1996 worked as a Patient Advocate at the US Peace Corps
– In 1997 worked as an Immigration Assistant at the DFID Office in Skopje (Department for International Development, UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs branch)
– 1998, during Army service, has been working on NATO Standards translation and implementation in the Army of Republic of Macedonia, Partnership for Peace Program
– 1998 part of the logistic team of the Army of Republic of Macedonia for the Best Cooperative Effect, Krivolak, Macedonia
– In 2013 has written the Protocols for Crisis Management, for the Cross Border Cooperation EU Project for Macedonia and Greece (two protocols, the first for Epidemiology Crises Management for the refugees and the second for Emergency care Management at the border and refugee camps)
– One of the founders and a President of the Executive Board of the NGO Dajte ni krilja, dealing with individuals with disability and rare diseases. Apart from the current programs, funded by the Government of Republic of Macedonia, EU Funds and a great deal of self-participation (therapeutical swimming, therapeutical Hypotherapy, Reassuring proper education for individuals with disability, Refugee disability assistance), I was the organizer of two International Seminars (Hallwick method of therapeutic swimming Skopje 2011 and the First Macedonian Congress for rare diseases and disability with international participation Skopje 2016)
– From 2013 full member of the AROME Scientific Panel Group
– From 2014 full member of the AROME ESO Joint Concensus Panel Group
– In 2014 and 2016 I was President of the Organizing Committee and President of the Scientific Committee of the AROME Basic Science Behind Oncology Meetings, along with Prof Joseph Gligorov,
– From 2015 full member of ESMO
– From 2016 associate member of USTKA, the Polish Society of Oncology Surgery
– Volunteer as a medical doctor of the Macedonian Shotokan National Team
– Since April 2022, producer, screenwriter and host of the TV serial U-turn (medical documentaries about metabolic syndrome and aging), TV Telma (national broadcaster), youtube channel Polukruzno vrtenje (U-turn), more than 60 episodes produced till now.

Invited lecturer:
– The mTOR pathway (International Neurology Congress of the Macedonian Neurology Society 2008)
– Ketogenic Diet as antiepileptic treatment (International Neurology Congress of the Macedonian Neurology Society 2008)
– Dietary treatment of refractory epilepsy in childhood (International Neurology Congress of the Macedonian Neurology Society 2008)
– TSC radiologic hallmarks (International Congress of the Macedonian Neuroimaging Society 2008)
– mTOR inhibition in the treatment of RCC and PNET (Experts Meeting of the Macedonian radiation oncology Society , 2009)
– Novel approaches to TSC treatment (II International Congress of Paediatric Neurology, Ohrid 2009)
– Clinical trial on therapeutic efficacy, tolerability and safety of Varumin in a combined treatment with polyvitamin – antioxidative therapy in patients with biologically (PCR) detected HPV infection of high-risk type (II International Congress of the Macedonian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Skopje 2009)
– Pattern of cancerogenesis of high-risk HPV (II International Congress of the Macedonian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Skopje 2009)
– Digestive tract cancer chemoprevention with Curcumin (Expert Meeting of the Macedonian Gastroenterohepathology Society, 2010)
– Reincarnation of Curcumin in modern evidence based medicine (Experts Meeting of the Macedonian radiation oncology Society, 2010)
– Stem cell treatment of autism – scientific challenge versus medical tourism (Macedonian Scientific Autism Association, 2nd of April, International Autism Day, 2011)
– Halliwick method of therapeutic swimming for children with cerebral palsy (International disability day, 3rd of December 2011, National Conference for disability).

– Importance of PI3K-S6K inhibition in cancer treatment and mechanism of action of Everolimus (Expert Meeting of the Macedonian radiation oncology Society, 9th of December, 2009)
– Inhibition of angiogenesis in ovarian cancer (III International Congress of the Macedonian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Ohrid 2013)
– Mutational tree of NSCLC (V International Pulmology Congress of the Macedonian Respiratory Society, Ohrid 2012)
– Treatment of GBM with VEGF inhibitor – case report (Neurooncology Expert Forum Meeting 2012 December Luzern)
– Amplification of angiogenesis via thromboembolic mechanisms in cancer patients (Expert Meeting of the Macedonian Transfusion Society 2012)
– Importance of antioxidant supplementation during EBRT of primary brain tumours (Expert Meeting of the Macedonian Neurology Society, January 2012)
– Driver mutation patterns in malignant melanoma (Expert Meeting of MARO, 2013)
– Implementation on software guided gravimetric central chemocompounding at the UCRO (II Regional Congress of Supportive therapy and terminal care, Budva, Montenegro, 2014)
– Oncogenic signalling pathways (AROME Masterclass on molecular oncology, Skopje March 2015)
– Are we hitting the right target in TSC? (VII National Bulgarian Conference on rare diseases, Plovdiv, 2016)
– Principles of dual BRAF/MEK inhibition in BRAFmut metastatic melanoma (MAPRAS, Skopje 2016)
– Answered and unanswered questions in the medical cannabis treatment landscape in oncology (II MALMED Conference, Skopje 2016)
– Basics of cellular signalling (AROME ESO Meeting Skopje 2016)
– The challenge of second line treatment in mRCC – Axitinib (AROME ESO Meeting Skopje, 2016, Pfizer Symposium)
– RCC – how not to miss the treatment goal (2nd International Congress of the Macedonian Urologist Society, Skopje 2017)
– Systemic treatment options of melanoma (AROME Meeting, Budva 2017)
– Case report of PAX3-FOXO positive ARMS, poster presentation, (CEOC 2018, Post ASCO Meeting Opatija)
– HIPEC and EPIC – early results, single institution experience, (Summer Oncology Forum of USTKA, Gdansk, Poland, September 2019)
– Intrathecal HER targeted treatment for HER+ BC in a highly sympthomatic patient, (56 Cancer week, Belgrade, Serbian Oncology Society, 6-9 November 2019, Belgrade)
– Tapentadol in pain treatment, online lecture, Pharmaceutical Chamber of Macedonia, 2021
– Urothelial and renal cell carcinoma challenges in 2021, 4th AROME ESO Joint Concensus Conference, 7-9 October 2021, Montenegro
– The story of medical cannabis – the good, the bad and the ugly, 7th Macedonian International Pharmacy Congress, 6-9 October 2022, Macedonia
– How useful are risk prediction SNP based tests for breast cancer among healthy general population, Future of treatment and care for breast cancer patients „FALENTY 2022” 2nd Polish – American Conference, November 17th – 19th, 2022, Warsaw, Poland.


– Full scope of medical and radiation oncology (except haematology),
– Full scope of molecular oncology counselling.
– Interventional oncology – intrathecal administration of therapy, intrapleural administration of chemotherapy, intraperitoneal administration of chemotherapy, intravesical administration of chemotherapy
– Nutritional oncology counselling
– Licenced court expert for oncology and radiotherapy

– MARO (Macedonian Association of radiotherapy and oncology)
– AROME (Association of Radiotherapy and Oncology of the Mediterranean area)
– ESO (European School of oncology)
– ESMO (European Society of medical oncology)
– ESTRO (European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology)

– Intracellular mechanisms of TSC (Epilepsia 2009, Macedonian League for Epilepsy, not indexed online)
– Epidemiology study 2009-2012 on advanced and metastatic stage NSCLC patients treated at UCRO (2013 MANU, Macedonian Academy of science and arts)
– Epidemiology study 2009-2012 on mCRC patients treated at UCRO (2013 MANU, Macedonian Academy of science and arts)
– Pharmacoeconomic model of subcutaneous vs intravenous administration of trastuzumab in Macedonia (Abstract book of 18th ISPOR Congress, Milan 2016)
– Postmenopausal Breast Cancer: European Challenge and Innovative Concepts
Ivica Smokovski, Milan Risteski, Jiri Polivka Jr, Pavol Zubor, Katarzyna Konieczka, Vincenzo Costigliola, Olga Golubnitschaja (EPMJ-D-17-00020) EPMA Journal (2017) 8:159–169 DOI 10.1007/s13167-017-0094-6

– A review of the international early recommendations for departments organization and cancer management priorities during the global COVID-19 pandemic: applicability in low- and middle-income countries: Yazid Belkacemi, Noemie Grellier, Sahar Ghith, Kamel Debbi, Gabriele Coraggio, Adda Bounedjar, Redouane Samlali, Pauletta G. Tsoutsou, Mahmut Ozsahin, Marie-Pierre Chauvet, Sedat Turkan, Hamouda Boussen, Abraham Kuten, Dusanka Tesanovic, Hassan Errihani, Farouk Benna, Kamel Bouzid, Ahmed Idbaih, Karima Mokhtari, Lazar Popovic, Jean-Philippe Spano, Jean-Pierre Lotz, Aziz Cherif, Hahn To, Vladimir Kovcin, Oliver Arsovski, Semir Beslija, Radan Dzodic, Ivan Markovic, Suzana Vasovic, Liljana Stamatovic, Davorin Radosavljevic, Sinisa Radulovic, Damir Vrbanec, Souha Sahraoui, Nino Vasev, Igor Stojkovski, Milan Risteski, Salvador Villa` Freixa, Marco Krengli, Nina Radosevic, Giorgio Mustacchi, Mladen Filipovic, Khaldoun Kerrou, Alphonse G. Taghian, Vladimir Todorovic, Fady Geara, Joseph Gligorov, European Journal of Cancer, Vol 135,P130-146, DOI: