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Inpatient department

General department

This department provides complete preoperative preparation of the surgical patients according to world standards for quality and medical care, nursing and rehabilitation that ensure complete healing of the patient after a surgery.

Depending on the type of accommodation, this department disposes of:

  • 16 apartments on the first floor
  • 12 apartments on the third floor (2 luxurious and 10 standard apartments)

The apartments are equipped with a TV and internet, with available food from a la carte menu, and 24-hour medical and assistance service.

The apartments are an earmark of perfection in the overall care for the patients’ health, and they provide a 5-star hotel ambiance. The apartments offer complete privacy with technical support for full intensive care.

Semi-intensive care department

The Department of Semi-intensive Care offers the opportunity to treat patients who need continuous monitoring and follow-up. This department also takes care of patients after a surgery and upon weaning from the breathing machine, where the complete healing of the patient is monitored and ensured. This department carries out the most advanced evaluation and treatment of heart diseases, diseases of the blood vessels of the neck and legs, diseases of the respiratory system, orthopedic diseases, gastrointestinal and urological diseases.

The department for semi-intensive care disposes of 5 apartments, 3 rooms, each with 6 beds and 1 room with 3 beds, and they are all equipped with the most modern system for invasive and non-invasive monitoring from Philips.

Intensive care department

The Intensive care department is located on the second floor, organized in 6 rooms, each with 4-6 beds (depending on needs) and two isolation (or private) rooms, each with 1 – 2 beds. It is intended for patients following major surgeries, injuries or critical illness. To our staff the patient was and remains at the center of our attention, however we know that the patient is not the only one who is affected by the condition, but also the close family members.

The modern approach to the treatment of our patients is enabled thanks to the cutting edge apparatus wherewith the position for each patient is equipped: invasive and non-invasive Philips monitoring; mechanical ventilation machines; vacuum drainage and aspiration; the latest generation of infusomats and perfusers; central gas feed; modern system for calling a nurse; central air-conditioning; Regular control of blood gas analyzes is performed at the unit; echocardiography (transoesophageal as needed); intra-aortic balloon pump; continuous venovenous haemofiltration; and many other procedures, depending on the needs of patients, using the latest generation of medical apparatus and devices. The rooms in this department are characterized by a high degree of air purity, same as in the surgical block thanks to HEPA filters.

A team of highly skilled staff, each in its own field, is responsible for the seamless functioning of the department. Our team strives for impeccable care and treatment. Thanks to the continuous education of the medical staff and the high quality standards, evidence-based medicine is a standard in operation, and patient safety and prevention of intra-hospital infections are our priority.