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During the life cycle, the health needs of a woman change, and the genital system is subjected to changes. The maintenance of the health of your reproductive organs is of great importance, which you can entrust to the gynecologists from our hospital.

The team of gynecologists in our country is prepared to monitor and control your health from the first menstrual cycle, to the menopause, even after it. We know that the perfect care also includes a conversation with the patient about her physical, psychological, emotional and social needs in a relaxed and comfortable environment, as well as the application of the latest diagnostic procedures, and advanced monitoring of the health condition through special individual programs and consultations for each patient.

Our gynecologists have one goal: your health!

Our gynecologists offer you:

Gynecological care - which includes a wide range of services for monitoring the needs of women from regular annual examinations to complex conditions. Our gynecologists are specialized in minimal invasive surgery for certain diseases, therefore the hospital stay as well as the period of recovery is reduced to a minimum.

Care for the urinary tract and conditions on the pelvic floor - if you have problems with involuntary urination, prolapse of the genital organs, or menopause problems, you should not be ashamed or hide this. Contact our team of gynecologists who have a solution to your problem.

Treatment of cancer of the genitals - Modern methods for diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the reproductive organs.

Obstetric care Pregnancy and childbirth are one of the most important moments in a woman’s and in a family’s life. To our team of gynecologists, every pregnancy is special, and the approach to monitoring pregnancy is based on the highest standards in obstetrics. We take care of maintaining a healthy pregnancy through routine examinations and prenatal care, screening for chromosomal and structural anomalies, as well as diagnosis and monitoring of possible potential complications. The patients with high-risk pregnancies are also covered with our care, with a single goal – maintaining your and your child’s health.

Gynaecological services

We offer you the following services:

  • Annual gynecological examinations (PAP test, check-up gynecological examination)
  • Colposcopy, HPV testing
  • Ultrasonography, 3- 4D, Doppler
  • Contraception tips
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Diagnostic procedures and/or treatment of abnormal PAP test results, sexually transmitted diseases, benign and malignant diseases of the genital tract
  • Bioptical procedures
  • Diagnostic and interventional hysteroscopy
  • Treatment of all gynecological diseases
  • Subspecialist treatment of urogenital disorders

Obstetric services

If you are planning a pregnancy or you are already pregnant, our team of gynecologists is here to take care of your health and to maintain your healthy pregnancy. Here you can receive the following services:

  • Pre-conception counseling, as well as genetic research for patients with medical problems that may affect the pregnancy and the fetus
  • Prenatal care
  • Diagnosis and monitoring of complex obstetric conditions
  • Treatment of pregnancy complicated by cardio-pulmonary conditions, diabetes, gastroenteric problems
  • Ultrasonographic examinations that include 3D and 4D
  • Diagnosis in the first and second trimester of the fetus with chromosomopathy
  • Diagnosis of fetal and placental abnormalities
  • Monitoring multiple pregnancy
  • Pregnancy monitoring in older women (over 35 years of age)

Urogynaecological center

Our team of gynecologists is specialized in the diagnostics and treatment of women with:

  • Urinary incontinence (involuntary discharge of urine)
  • Fecal incontinence (involuntary discharge of gases/stool)
  • Prolapse of genital organs (prolapse from a normal position)
  • Interstitial cystitis (inflammation of the bladder wall)
  • Sexual dysfunction as a result of incontinence or prolapse

Many people think that incontinence and prolapse of the genital organs are a rare problem that affects only in a small number of older women. Contrary to the established opinion, the world analyses show that 35% of the women who have routine gynecological examinations experience involuntary discharge of urine, and 40% have a medium or severe degree of prolapse of the genital organs. 13% of postmenopausal women have involuntary bowel discharge (bowel incontinence). A large number of women with such problems do not ask for a medical solution usually because of embarrassment or fear that something more serious and more dangerous is hiding behind these symptoms, and some consider that their condition is normal for their age.

Incontinence and prolapse are rarely caused by a dangerous medical disease. However, these two conditions are not normal for any age, and these diseases can cause significant social, emotional, sexual, psychological, and occupational disorders.

For such conditions, we have an individual approach to each patient, and our treatment is based on the needs and desires of every woman. In doing so, we offer every woman all possibilities for therapy of her condition, and we support her in the decision to choose the best for her, and depending on her lifestyle and need.

“Every woman whose daily activities and quality of life are affected by these conditions should ask for an appropriate medical care”.