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Placement of intra-aortic baloon pump in patients with poor heart function

The Intensive Care and Treatment Unit is equipped with the most sophisticated equipment for acceptance, treatment and care of patients in life-threatening conditions, as well as patients immediately after surgical interventions until their hemodynamic stabilization.

The intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) is a mechanical device that improves the oxygenation and the blood supply of the heart muscle simultaneously increasing the cardiac output. It consists of a cylindrical polyethylene balloon that percutaneously (subcutaneously) is implanted in the aorta, approximately 2 cm next to the subclavian artery.

Continuous venovenous ultrafiltration treatment in patients with acute and chronic renal failure


Renal insufficiency (kidney failure) occurs when the kidneys are unable to process and excrete all waste metabolic products, resulting in their accumulation and increase in their concentration in the blood, imposing a danger of acute metabolic disorders.