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The microbiology laboratory takes care of your health, which strives to reduce the hospital infections to a minumum, in order to feel safe in the environment that is constantly controlled, and it also includes bacteriological control of the air and the inanimate environment, the staff, the visitors and the patients.


The microbiology laboratory is always prepared to answer all questions regarding the diseases caused by microorganisms. With the most modern methods of examination and current European standards and external quality control of the operation, it provides a huge contribution to the diagnosis and the treatment of infectious diseases.

And outside the hospital, all symptoms of infectious diseases, such as fever, chills, cough, throat pain, problems with sinuses, problems with urination, infections of the skin and wounds, genital problems, etc., should be substantiated with a microbiological examination, in order to verify the diagnosis and the targeted therapy, which also implies reasonable use of antibiotics.

All information is available on the following telephone number 02/30 91-879.