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For the first time in Macedonia, a new procedure was performed in ZAN MITREV CLINIC, VNS (vagus nerve stimulation) in a patient with epilepsy, which was a challenge for Dr. Nikola Hristov, a cardiovascular surgeon, and the hospital team, accompanied by colleagues from the Clinic of Pediatric Diseases. Thus, a new chapter for medicine in Macedonia was open, for treatment of severe forms of epilepsy, refractory to drug treatment. This procedure is a novelty in the modern treatment of epilepsy as well, and it is proven that it reduces the number of attacks in patients with epilepsy, in adults and children. It is a simple procedure that we already started to apply in Zan Mitrev Clinic, and it is covered by the Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia.

VNS (vagus nerve stimulation) was performed in a nine-year old child with epilepsy, whose parents expressed huge gratitude to Dr. Zan Mitrev who introduced it and enabled its application in Zan Mitrev Clinic, which would be beneficial for numerous patients in the country. “After many years of wandering through the hospitals and the institutions in the country and abroad, 5 years of continuous search of a solution for the disease of our child, there … the best option for his problem was found…”, the father started to speak with a quavering voice. Throughout the years they often came across disappointments, however once they contacted Dr. Zan Mitrev, their faith returned, that a solution of the problem will be found.” We were referred to the doctor by the Health Insurance Fund, and Dr. Filip Duma from the Clinic of Pediatric Diseases told us about the procedure, he was our great support throughout the years”, he added. Before they contacted Dr. Mitrev, they requested support from the Health Insurance Fund for a treatment in Turkey, where this procedure is applied and which was suggested to them as the best for the treatment of their child, a VNS therapy. “Once they informed us from the Health Insurance Fund that we can contact Dr. Zan Mitrev, we immediately contacted him and we came across a helping hand. I didn’t believe that this would happen, until the Saturday when Dr. Hristov and the team implanted the device. We are very thankful, and we will see the effects in 5-6 months, and we expect the best, we expect the epileptic seizures to gradually reduce, even to completely disappear until the child reaches puberty”.

They are dedicated parents and they want the best for their child, they’ve proven this with certainty. From the day when they learned about the disease, to this day, they didn’t stop their search of a solution, and they never gave up, although they came across disappointments as well… Their parental care was present in all of their actions, a behavior that should encourage other parents and relatives to be open-minded regarding the condition, and to seek for the best solution. Because the stigma that is present in these people, can be overcome only with successful examples, through common actions by professionals, associations, individuals…