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Prof. Dr. Liljana Ilievska


Place of birth:

Berovo, Macedonia


    1965- 1971                      M.D., Faculty of Medicine, Skopje

    1971- 1975                     Specialization in Neuropsyciatry ,in Skopje

    1975- 1980                     Master Degree in Neuropsychiatry

    1980 -1983                     Doctor disertation in Neuropsychiatry

    1986                               PROFESSOR OF NEUROPSYCHIATRY                                     

1972  -2010                    regulary employment in Clinic of Neurology and

                                          psychiatry at Faculty in Medicine in Skopje

 2010 up to date                employment in  PZU “ Zan Mitrev “ Clinic, Skopje

                                        Work included:


                                          in 1978:  Assisten for neuropsychiatry

                                          and psychology 

                                          in 1986 : Professor for neuropsyciatry

                                          and psychology

                                          in  1987 : Project about pain in Sweden

                                          in  1898 :  Project about epilepsy and genetic ( Italian – German multicentric genetic study ).

                                           In  2002 : Project of migraine ( Macedonian- Slovenian internacional project ).

                                          in 1991 : Chief of the Departement  of hedaeche

                                          in 2004 : Chief od Catedre of neuropsychiatry

                                          in 2006 : Chief of Society of neurology in Macedonia .

                              books : in 1991 : EVOKED POTENTIALS NEUROLOGY

                                            “ Goce Delcev “ grant

                                           in 2002 “ NEUROLOGY “ for student end speializants.

  • about 110 papers in Macedonian and Internacional


  • In education postgraduate for students of physiology
  • Neurophysiology, electroencephalography, evoked potentials ( visual evoked potentials, somatosensory evoked potentials, auditory evoked potentials),
  • Preocupation with diagnostic of neurology diseases, especially epileptology, migraine, cerebrovascular diseases, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, neuromuscular diseases
  • Focused on company’ goals with respect of the time, budget and clients’ satisfaction.
  • Highly motivated professional with strong  work ethics,
  • Dinamic, flexible,and results oriented
  • Primary individualis , but good in team, very often as a team leader,
  • Best in discovering new opportunities, new possibilities.
  • Fast learner, focused on solving the real problems with respect of the quality standards of the organization.



Other character traits:  Hard working, able to effectively deal with stressful

situations, able to work in a team, persistent and

 English ( active)

German ( passive )