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Zan Mitrev Diagnostic – Strumica

Zan Mitrev Diagnostic – Strumica has three ambulances for internist and cardiovascular examinations, echotomography, orthopedic and surgical examinations, as well as a functional cabinet for examination of the cardiovascular system – a Coronary stress test (CST) department, Holter ECG, Blood pressure holter and spirometry, as well as laboratory services.

Working hours:
Monday to Friday from 07:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Weekend from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM

In the Polyclinic there are all kinds of specialist and sub-specialist examinations:


Cardiovascular diagnostics:

– Echocardiography

– Vein Doppler

– Pediatric cardiac examination

– Coronary stress test

– 24-hour Holter ECG

– 24-hour Holter ABP

– Spirometry and respiratory therapy


– Different types of examinations


Orthopedic diagnostics:

– Orthopedic physical treatment of the locomotor system

– Echo of the muscular skeletal system

– Echo of hips-early screening of diseases and deformities in newborns

– Conservative orthopedic examinations at the center of pain

– Consultative examinations



– Echo of the abdomen

– Gastroenterological examinations

– Abdominal surgical examinations

– Consultative examinations

– Rectal douching


Other examinations and interventions:

-Thyroid Echo

– Breast Echo

– Transfusion examinations

– Intramuscular drug application

– Intravenous drug administration

– Subcutaneous drug administration

– Pleural puncture

– Abdominal puncture

– Set of Biochemical blood analysis

– Scheme for INR

– Fibrinogen

– Skin, nose, throat, wound smear

– Urinary catheter insertion


The above examinations are performed by established doctors from Zan Mitrev Clinic from Skopje, according to a prescheduled timetable.