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Clinical biochemistry

A modern biochemical laboratory operates within the emergency diagnostic center.

It disposes of the most sophisticated equipment for automatic rapid and accurate testing of the laboratorial analyses.

The laboratory blood test provides an insight into the operation and the condition of individual organs and tissues.

Complete laboratory analyses are examined in order to set the accurate diagnosis of the patient and to refer the patient towards most efficient treatment.



The biochemical laboratory offers a wide range of laboratory services:

  • haematological analyzes
  • lipid status
  • glucose status
  • hepatic-enzymatic status
  • degradation products
  • electrolyte status
  • inflammatory markers
  • immunologic status
  • protein status
  • cardiac markers

Also specific analyses:

  • tumor markers
  • hormonal status
  • markers of the thyroid gland
  • markers for hepatitis B, C and HIV
  • markers for bone metabolism
  • gas analyses
  • D-Dimers
  • sex hormones



As a result of its high level of quality, reliability and standardization, the biochemical laboratory, in step with the world standards, received an international certificate with a gold stamp for a high degree of quality control according to the standards of the IFCC and the World Health Organization.