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Another Successful Correction of Congenital Chest Deformity

After many years of continuous attempts to find a solution to his problem – concave chest, Mr. Driton Memedovski came to our hospital to find a solution. Namely, he had a congenital deformity of the chest, “pectus excavatum”, or known as a concave chest. This deformity is actually a condition in which the sternum is sunk inward towards the chest. In severe cases, the sternum appears to have been removed, leaving a large indentation. Although it is noticed immediately after birth, this condition especially worsens after the period of adolescence and its consequences can progress further in life. As a condition it occurs more often in boys than in girls.

In addition to the visual problem, it is manifested by serious problems with breathing and heart function, which was the case with our 28-year-old patient. According to him, in the last year he was hospitalized several times due to breathing problems and heart rhythm. Driton complained that in addition to these symptoms, he was facing a severe disruption of the overall quality of life, which is why he was trying to find a permanent solution. Although he was told it was not possible, he did not give up. He came to us at the Zan Mitrev Clinic and after the examinations, academician Dr. Zan Mitrev and his team successfully performed the operation to correct his congenital deformity. Now the chest is back to normal shape and form that will allow the smooth functioning of the heart and lungs of this young man.

Mr. Memedovski is already recovering at home and as he told us, he is very satisfied and grateful for everything that was done to him.
We wish him many more years of active life filled with health.