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Another Successful Surgery in a 6-months Old Infant

Vasvi can now continue growing up as a healthy baby.
Little Vasvi has been diagnosed with heart murmur when he was born, and his parents were referred to further tests. Dr. Ivan Milev conducted all the tests in Zan Mitrev Clinic, discovering a complicated congenital heart anomaly.

Namely, in this infant, all the blood vessels that should normally return the blood from the lungs to the heart, instead of flowing into the left atrium, flowed abnormally into the right atrium. Additionally, there was an opening between the two atria, as well as existing communication through the arterial duct, which in normal conditions should physiologically close during the first few days of life.

As a result of this type of congenital defect, blood flow to Vasvi’s lungs was increased, resulting in increased pressure in the lungs themselves, frequent respiratory infections, shortness of breath, rapid fatigue, difficulty sucking, stunted growth, and bruising.
Little Vasvi was monitored continuously. He manifested anxiety, had a large lag in terms of body weight and recurrent respiratory infections.

Fortunately, and to the great joy of the family, academician Dr. Zan Mitrev together with his team, when Vasvi reached the appropriate age, performed a surgery on him and successfully corrected all existing anomalies. The pulmonary veins were diverted to the physiological left atrium, the atrial septal defect was closed with an autologous pericardial patch, and the arterial duct was closed.

After the surgery, little Vasvi was admitted to intensive care where his vital parameters were monitored. During the first day he was turned off from the mechanical ventilation and his vital parameters quickly stabilized. It started with hyper-caloric nutrition, which was well tolerated, which was manifested by rapid growth in body weight.

After 10 days, Vasvi was reunited with his mother and was already discharged from our clinic as a healthy infant.
Vasvi is now a healthy child who will progress rapidly in his growth and development.