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From a wedding to a hospital in Vranje, and then to Zan Mitrev Clinic

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Instead of having fun and entertaining at a wedding, Shaip Mustafovic from Presevo ended up in a hospital. Although it seems unreal, however that is exactly what happened to this man who came from Germany where he lives and works. He came to his birthplace with the best intentions, for the purpose of a family celebration.

– All of a sudden I started to feel a breathing difficulty and fatigue. I did not feel well despite of the initial aid that my closest relatives provided, and afterwards the local doctors too. I immediately went to a hospital in Vranje where I was examined by a doctor who I think gave me the real and most necessary advice at that moment, an advice that meant life for me. She told me that I am having a heart attack, that they will not be able to help me in the nearby hospitals, and that the closest serious hospital that will solve my problem with the least risk is Zan Mitrev Clinic, tells Shaip, recalling everything he went through in past days and everything that could have happened to him.

In our clinic, he was immediately taken care of, whereby the usual examinations were performed and a stent was placed. Now, after the surgery, he feels well and he is getting ready to leave home.

As we talked about the event, our interlocutor told us that a large part of the population of Presevo and Vranje knows about our clinic, and they get information about the medical services it offers primarily from the Internet, from our website, but also from our profile on the social network Facebook. Moreover, perhaps surprisingly, many doctors in the public healthcare institutions there recommend our clinic as a safe and professional solution for patients, especially when it comes to urgent health problems.

– I was supposed to wait for 3 months for a surgery at the hospital in Nis, but no one cared whether I was able to survive that period or not. I am thankful to Dr. Zan Mitrev, who made this hospital in the heart of the Balkans, where it is accessible to everyone. When a solution is offered, when a solution exists, you will find it, however if a solution does not exist, that is a bad situation. Time, on the other hand, is of utmost importance when it comes to such problems as I have experienced – added Shaip Mustafovic.


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