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Konstantin Mitrev – The father of Dr. Zan Mitrev, successfully operated at our clinic

Many destinies have been resolved in Zan Mitrev Clinic. Many people and families, in the most difficult moments, found their answer to the problems exactly here, in our clinic. Certainly here, we, the clinic’s employees, are also a part in this combination of circumstances. We do not hide, but we do not boast as well, that many of our loved ones, parents, children, spouses, brothers, sisters, with their health problems ended up right here, in Zan Mitrev Clinic. The trust we build for everyone is based on personal experiences, not only our own personal experiences, as employees, but also of patients, close relatives of patients who were in the clinic and had an experience with the system in Zan Mitrev Clinic. In this combination of circumstances, Mr. Kostantin Mitrev, the father of the Head of the Clinic, Dr. Zan Mitrev, also needed his health problem to be resolved.

We met Mr. Koce, as people call him, in one of the hospital rooms where he was recovering after the surgery that was performed on a part of his spinе. A very complex surgery that lasted about 6 hours and ended successfully, a proof of which was his condition only one day after the surgery.

In the mood to chat, moving through the room without any aids, and accompanied by his wife Milka, he met us with a smile and without any special introduction, we directly started a friendly conversation. With the very fact that a team of journalists entered the room, with the complete shooting and photographing equipment, Mr. Koce started with the topic: journalism, film, theatre…

– I was the first reporter, a journalist and a cameraman at the same time, for 11 municipalities from Macedonia, for the television in Belgrade when Radio Television Skopje was not opened yet. I recorded and wrote all the materials by myself and I sent them to Belgrade. I was working with a great enthusiasm that has not vanished to this day. In 1953 I applied for work in TV Skopje and in 1955 I was an officially registered employee, and after this things started to progress like in a movie – Mr. Krste was telling us with an evident good mood.

To him, this passion for filming and journalism has been fueled over the years, so often he personally invested in the equipment he needed for the job. Although at that time the recording technology was unknown to most in the region, and being a self-taught cameraman, he discovered all the secrets of the current technique at the time and managed to inform people about life in the southeastern part of our country.

– I was reporting on all events, from politics to economy, education, culture … If an event ended in Berovo and another one started in Strumica, I was doing everything to be present at both events. I had the latest camera at that time, which was very expensive. One of my cameras was bought by a friend of mine, a businessman at the time, and I bought a few myself. I trained myself to shoot because there was no one to show me. In the left hand, I carry a light and a cable, and in the right hand I am holding the camera, which is very heavy. I always arrived first on the scene. I lived with love for journalism and filming, film, but theater as well. I am also the founder of the cinema club “Manaki”. I recorded some short films, some of which were awarded and were constantly broadcast – he adds.

We simply forget about the health issue that we came for at this meeting, and this is also a clear indicator of the patient’s condition. Despite the complex surgery, almost is if it was not the topic of the conversation, so we talked about topics such as life, hobbies, work.

Mr. Koce says he feels as if he did not have a surgery. Apart from the slight inflammation of the leg muscles, he has no other difficulties. He moves alone and he often exercises with the “bike” according to the recommendations of the medical staff.

– I had problems with my legs for the past ten years. For the past two to three years they have become more evident. I felt a tension in my legs and I was moving with a difficulty. The muscles on my legs were passive, even atrophied and the nerves were tightened. My son recommended me a surgery several times, but I was postponing it. There was no delay, and I came to Zan Mitrev Clinic where this is my second surgery. The first one was in the old facility at the former Military Hospital. Now, although it has been only a day after the surgery, I already feel my legs. The nerves are loosened and affect the muscles, and the legs react. I would like to express my gratitude to the entire team that provided me a better life, I really re-experience all the things that I have read about this clinic, now as a patient with a solved health problem – he adds.

We leave Mr. Koce and his wife Milka in a good mood waiting for the day when they will leave home and return to their everyday pace of life.