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Psychology and psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and anti-stress program

PSYCHOTHERAPY can be the occupation of a psychologist who has specialized in psychotherapy in order to treat primarily neuroses (such as anxiety, depression, phobias and hypochondria, panic attacks, traumatic stress disorders and psychosomatic disorders).

By means of regular psychotherapy sessions, we try to resolve the person’s psychological problems and to promote the person’s health.

Psychoeducational preparation for patients before a surgery

PSYCHOEDUCATION IS THE PSYCHOLOGICAL PREPARATION OF PATIENTS BEFORE A SURGERY, and it implies counseling for all patients before a surgery. This counseling includes brief education about the surgery, a conversation about stress and fear which the patient may normally feel, and reflection in terms of the emotions that include overwhelming, fear and threat.

It has been proven that patients who are psychologically prepared, advised and informed about the surgery find it easier to cope with the surgery and they recover sooner. The whole family also participates in the recovery of the patient and for this reason it is important that they are psychologically prepared and informed about what the patient should expect.


PSYCHODIAGNOSTICS involves testing by means of psychological tests intended for diagnosis and clarification of issues related to a person’s traits, behavior, mood, emotional functioning and cognitive processes of the individual.

It is used in situations where it is necessary to clarify the diagnosis, in case of a history of traumatic experiences, is an event of abuse of substances, problems in interpersonal relationships, etc. In addition, it is also used as a support in the process of psychotherapy.

By means of psychological testing, the patient obtains detailed information about themselves, and the psychologist prepares an objective psychological finding.

In the department we dispose of more than 30 psychological assessment tests:

  • Clinical tests
  • Tests of intelligence and personality
  • Tests for organicity assessment
  • GDV apparatus and
  • Bio feedback apparatus.