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History of the hospital


Zan Mitrev Clinical Hospital, at the beginning named the Special Hospital for Surgical Diseases “Filip Vtori”, laid the foundations of modern medical services in 1999, after the adaptation and renovation of a rented part of the Military Hospital in Skopje.  Officially, the hospital was opened on March 1st 2000, and the medical start was marked by the first bypass surgery in the Republic of Macedonia, led by the Academician Dr. Zan Mitrev. Exactly on March 1st 2000, the history of the Macedonian healthcare started and thus the new era in the Macedonian cardiovascular surgery, started to be written.

Two years later, in 2002, the first open heart surgery was completed on an awaken patient.

The interest for this institution starts growing every day, and therefore the necessity for new working conditions. The needs for patient care, are initiated by another renovation, therefore the old ward, the same one in 2002, has been replaced with a new modern, contemporary ward. The treatments of the congenital heart diseases, will start the next year. The first ACH occluder was successfully placed on an atrial defect, in a 4-year-old boy. In the year 2008, the new, sophisticated diagnostic center started operating, which became one of the leading centers in the region, operating 24/7.

The tenth anniversary of the hospital’s foundation, in 2010, was marked with an amount of 10000 completed surgeries. Today, the Zan Mitrev Clinical Hospital, not only in our country, but also in the region is recognizable as a sophisticated, contemporary medical center, with complete diagnostic procedures, in most of the medical branches, supported by services in the fields of modern surgery, anesthesia and intensive care.

The story of success, does not end here, on the contrary. The scientific achievements, over the years, were also yielding appropriate titles and awards. Thus, in the 2002, Dr. Mitrev was promoted to a level of an Academician. The activities of the team of Dr. Zan Mitrev, were promoted and presented at several world congresses, from where they were returning as winners of numerous awards and recognitions. From the numerous awards received here and abroad, we would point out the prestigious awards from the EUROPE BUSINESS ASSEMBLY and the Socrates Committee, in the field of health, “The Best Health Manager and the Best Hospital”.

The story of success, enters a new dimension, four years ago, i. e. on the celebration of the 16th anniversary of its foundation, when the new facility was opened, having a capacity that is five times larger, bearing the name Zan Mitrev Clinical Hospital. It is built according to the highest standards, with unique interior, a state-of-the-art medical equipment, fully adjusted environment, strictly controlled regimes of heating and cooling, a fresh air supply with a maximum comfort for the patients, the staff and the visitors. A confirmation of the successful operation is the prestigious award for the best manager and a hospital, with the best quality of health services, which went to the Academician Dr. Zan Mitrev, in a competition among health centers from Europe and from the Middle East.

Zan Mitrev Clinical Hospital, in November 2017, was awarded with the golden seal for quality and safety, by the Joint Commission International and has thus became the first hospital, which in less than a year, entered the family of the most prestigious organizations for accreditation of hospitals worldwide. The high standards, according to which the hospital operates were confirmed by the JCI re-accreditation, in November 2020.

In April 2018, the Zan Mitrev Clinical Hospital received the state quality accreditation from the Agency for Quality and Accreditation of Health Institutions.