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History of the hospital

Zan Mitrev Clinic, previosly named as Special Hospital for Surgical Diseases “Filip Vtori” laid the foundations of modern medical services in 1999, after the adjustment and renovation of a rented part of the existing Military Hospital in Skopje. Officially, the hospital was open on March 1, 2000. Still, the medical startup of the hospital was marked by the first bypass surgery in the Republic of Macedonia, led by Academician Dr. Zan Mitrev. March 1, 2000, was the commencement of the written history in Macedonian health, a new era in the Macedonian cardiovascular surgery.

In 2002 the first open-heart surgery was performed on awake patient. The interest for the surgeries in “Zan Mitrev” increased every day. Thousand surgeries was a sufficient indicator than an expansion is required, that is, larger premises, in order to respond to the quickly growing number of patients. The needs to take care of patients initiated another renovation, whereby the old department was transformed into a modern department which was open in 2002.

For the year of 2003, a recognizable event for us is the commencement of treatment of congenital heart diseases. The first ACH occluder was successfully set, to an atrial defect in a 4-year old boy. As time went by, the number of patients was increasing, as well as the need of diagnostic procedures. Another reason for a new space with larger capacities. In 2008 a new, sophisticated diagnostic center was open which became one of the leading centers in the region with working hours 24/7. This implied accurate diagnosis of diseases in patients, through the last model of computed tomography.

The tenth anniversary of the hospital opening in 2010 was celebrated with a number of 10.000 surgeries. As years went by, the special hospital “Zan Mitrev” was becoming recognizable in the country and the region as a sophisticated, modern medical center with complete diagnostic procedures in most medical branches, supported by services in the fields of modern surgery, anesthesia and intensive care. The medical services were becoming increasingly numerous: cardiology, interventional cardiology and stenting, computed tomography, neurology, gastroenterohepatology. The examinations started in the laboratories: transfusiology, microbiology, medical biochemistry. It was expanded with the service from the important branch – psychological support for the patients and their family, as well as intensive care, and then physical therapy which provided facilitated healing of the patients. The surgical branches were supplemented by cardio and vascular surgery with the most recent extracorporeal pumps, abdominal surgery with all types of procedures, orthopedics, endoscopic urology, urologic endoscopic surgery and application of conventional treatment… The most relevant information about the quality of the medical services, for which we are recognizable, is the low mortality rate of the hospital, which was approximately 1%.

The scientific achievements brought appropriate titles and awards. In 2002, Dr. Mitrev was promoted to Plato’s academician. The activities of Dr. Zan Mitrev’s team were promoted and presented in many world congresses, and they returned as winners of numerous awards and acknowledgments. Of the numerous acknowledgements received here and abroad, we would like to point out the prestigious award from EUROPE BUSINESS ASSEMBLY and the Socrates Committee, in the field of health titled as “Best health manager and best hospital”.

For the purpose of closer, friendly and open access of the patients to services from the other places in the country as well, Dr. Mitrev also opened two policlinics in Strumica and in Bitola, during the 15 years of existence of “Zan Mitrev”.

It is not by chance, on the same date, 16 years after the establishment of the Special Hospital for Surgical Diseases, the new facility was open, with five times larger capacity and it was named “Zan Mitrev Clinic”. The new facility is build according to highest standards with unique interior, superior medical equipment, completely regulated environment, strictly managed heating and cooling regimes and supply of fresh air and maximum comfort of the patients, the employees and the visitors. A confirmation of the successful operation is the prestigious award for best manager and hospital with best quality of healthcare services, which was awarded to Academician Dr. Zan Mitrev, in competition of health centers from Europe and the Middle East.

In November 2017, Zan Mitrev Clinic received the golden seal for quality and safety by Joint Commission International and became the first hospital in the world that entered the family of prestige organizations in less then a year preparation.

In April 2018 Zan Mitrev Clinic received the National accreditation of quality and safety by the Agency for Quality and Accreditation of Healthcare institutions.