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Laundry and drying clothes



Continuous care of the cleanliness through the washing and drying process of the clothing


The hospital’s laundry was designed and equipped by the world’s largest manufacturer of washing equipment Alliance Laundry Systems LLC – USA. The entire process is closed, from the reception of the clothing to the washing, drying and ironing.

In this department, a high standard for processing of clothes is established, whereby barrier washers are used. They completely separate unclean and clean clothes, thus the possibility for contamination is reduced to a minimum. The hospital also has a separate laundry for hospital beds.

Specifics of the Clothes Treatment Department

In the department we dispose of professional washing and drying machines, which are quick and efficient, and silent during their operation. The employees in the department are trained for proper and orderly operation with the materials.

During the washing process, they use a professional and specifically selected liquid detergent for such clothes, which is manufactured according to a special technology.

The softener they use is antibacterial, it simplifies the ironing process. All the resources used in this process are made from materials that are manufactured on a natural basis and they do not allow the destruction of the quality of the material while it retains its color.

The washing preparation begins with the selection of the type of clothing and the inclusion of an appropriate washing program, according to the material. The washing machines have a capacity of 60 kg, and the maximum washing program time is up to 2 hours.

The clothes are underwear are dried in separate machines, which contributes to the preservation of the health of the staff in the department.

Maintaining the level of humidity in the ironing process is also important. It is determined according to the type of material of the clothing, thereby providing quality ironing. The employees in the department iron the clothes with professional machines, which are of high quality and quantity that meets the needs of the hospital, for all kinds of materials, white or colored.

The last stage of this process is the packaging of the clothing and its flawless protection. The high quality of operation in this department is confirmed through regular laboratory examinations of clothing samples, before and after washing.