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Dr. Shpend Idrizi

Spec. në mjekësinë interne - Sub. spec. në kardiologji

Place of birth:

Gostivar, Maqedoni


1996 Graduated Medical Doctor at the Medical University St. Cyril  and   Methodius, Skopje,
1997-1998 General Medical Practitioner in PHO “USA Imaging”, Gostivar
1998-2002 Specialisation for internal diseases at the Medical University St. Cyril  and   Methodius,
Skopje, Macedonia
2007 Subspecialisation of Cardiology at the University St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje,
2002 Employment in Special Hospital for Cardiosurgery “Filip II”, Skopje

Përmirësime profesionale:

  • Special education in echocardiography and noninvasive cardiology in University Hospital “St. Ekatherina” – Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Educational course of abdominal ultrasound diagnostic techniques – Clinic for gastroenterology of the University Hospital “Carica Joana”, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Educational course of nephrology ultrasound diagnostic techniques n Clinic for nephrology of the University Hospital “Alexandrovska”, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Educational echocardiography techniques and clinical application organised by The European association of echocardiography – Belgrade, Serbia
  • Educational course of practical traing of invasive and interventional cardiology, University Hospital,,St. Ekaterina’’- Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Macedonian Doctors Chamber
  • Macedonian Cardiology Association
  • European Cardiology Association