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Gjorgji Filev MD

Specialization of pediatrics - Neonatologist

Place of birth:



From\to year
Secondary school

Medical school center “d-r Pance Karagjozov”

Medical Faculty – Skopje

University,,Sv.Kiril i Metodij,, -Skopje


Specialization in field of pediatrics

University ,,Sv.Kiril and Metodij,,-Skopje

Medical Faculty-Skopje


Employed at University Clinic of Gynecology and obstetrics from 2001 at the beginning as an apprentice and from 2009 as a Pediatrician Neonatologist. From Mart 2019 employed at PHO Zan Mitrev Clinic.
  • Exchange student in University Clinic in Ljubljana for 1 month
  • Workshop for mechanical ventilation in newborn babies
  • Workshop for primary resuscitation in newborn babies
  • Certificate for use of a program for perinatal and neonatal database
  • One month professional stay from 1-28 November 2015 In Ankara, Turkey at Dr. Semi Ulus Maternity Child Health and Diseases Training and Research Hospital, Department of Pediatric Cardiology. Education in the field of pediatric echocardiography.
  • One month professional stay from 1-31 March 2016 In Hamburg, Germany. University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), Department for Pediatrics (Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit)
  • Perimak Training for Non-Invasive Respiratory Support, Total Parenteral Nutrition and Cooling in Patients with Asphyxia
  • Joint motion limitation in newborns, Poposka A, Filev Gj, Cvetanovski T, Popovic B. International medical students scientific congress. 20-23 May Ohrid, R.Macedonia
  • The need for regular screening of postpartum depression. Pop-Jordavova N, Markovska-Simeska S, Filev G, Pop-Jordanov J. 27 November 2008, Macedonia Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • Relation of Prenatal use of steroids and the need for primary resuscitatio in extremly preterm infant. Filev Gj, Jancevska S, Fileva S. 6th internation emergensy medicine conference. 22-23.May.2015 Prishtina R.Kosovo
  • From the features of the discordant twins, Jancevska S, Filev J, Ivanovska S. Professional Medical Meeting, 30 Oct-1 Nov. 2015
  • Newborn babies from Fertilization in vitro. Filev J, Jancevska S, Fileva S, Ivanovska S. Professional Medical Meeting, 30 Oct-1 Nov. 2015
  • Bernes scale of pain assessment for newborn babies on mechanical ventilation. Filev Gj, Jancevska S, Ivanovska S, Fileva F. 6th Internation conference for pain Treatment. 28-29 October 2016 Prizren R.Kosovo

Premature twin with congenital hypothyroidism – Case report. Filev Gj, Stoshevska T, Jancevska S, Fileva S. 4th Congress of Gynecologists and Obstetricians of Macedonia (with international participation) 12-14 May 2017 Ohrid, Macedonia

  • Excellent Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Front Page, Internet Explorer (Browsers)
  • Advanced Level of English Language
  • Other Fluent Languages: Croatian, Serbian;