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Maja Memedovska MD


Place of birth:


  • English Language High School ” Kocho Racin “, Veles, Macedonia,
  • Medical University Varna , Bulgaria; Master Degree of Medicine,
  • Specialization in MBAL” TokudaBolnicaSofia” Sofia, Bulgaria – Nephrology and Endocrinology Departmant
  • In May 2017 took Master Degree – Specialist at Nephrology

MBAL ” Sveta Marina” ,Varna, Bulgaria; Departmant of Nephrology,Hemodialysis and Transplantation ; . Physician on voluntary basis

in MBAL” TokudaBolnicaSofia” Sofia, Bulgaria –  Nephrology and Endocrinology Departmant Diabetes mellitus and kidney failure- treatment and management; Date: May 2012 – May2016;

Physician at SBALO ” Department of Oncology and Chemotherapy” Nephrologist Consultant

-Jan 2017 – November 2018 Nephrologist at Nephrology and Transplantation Clinic at Aleksandrovska University Hospital , Sofia, Bulgaria; Transplant department

Gradska opsta bolnica 8mi septemvri – oddel za dijaliza so nefrologija

City General Hospital 8-th September  – Department of Dialysis Nephrology


6 months education in University Hospital of Ljubljana, Slovenia- department Nephrology,Dialysis and Transplatation/the focus was on transplantation and doplerultrasonography on kidney graft/. Performing kidney biopsy (native and graft biopsy).

Training in Rare Kidney Diseases /Morbus Fabry; Tuberous sclerosis complex /od 2017 seuste/\


6 months in SBALO Oncology and Chemotherapy – training in onconephrology

Training in Morbus Fabri ( fabry experts days ) Madrid septemvri 2018

2014 – 2018

Education and support of the people that had kidney transplantation or are preparing for kidney transplant. Treatment and guidance of patients with kidney transplantation at the Clinic for Nephrology and Transplantation Aleksandrovska in Sofia.

– Kidney transplatation

-Autoimmune renal diseases

-Renal complications of Diabetes

– Diabetic Nephropathy treatment

– Rare Diseases diagnostic and Treatment

-CKD patient screening (sutible for receving kidney transplant)

– Dopllerultrasonography of renal arteries (native kidney and renal graft

– Cardio Renal and Reno- Cardial Sindrome

– Kidney and graft biopsy

– 1. Hiperuricemia in renal transplant patients;

/Efficacy and Safety of Febuxostat in Kidney Transplant Patients, Febuxostat vs. Allopurinol – a retrospective study/

2.The Impact of Acute rejection in Kidney Transpaltation on Long- Term Allograft and Patient Outcome,

  1. Anaemia in CKD;
  2. AKI as a result of Spining – Induced Rhabdomyolisys /Clinical case report/
  3. Proteinuria in patients with Fabry Disease
  4. ERT /enzyme replacement therapy in Fabry Patients /Treatment and Follow – up /
  5. Hospital- acquired Infections –treatment challenges
  6. Hepatitis E in Rena l Transplant Patients
  7. Graft outcomes following immunosuppressive therapy with different combinations in kidney transplant recipients
  8. Antibody induction therapy in renal transplant patients /acute rejection review/

Clen na BUgarskoto Nefrolosko Drustvo  BDN , Evropskoto Nefroloshko odrustvo ERA EDTA, Internacionalno Nefrolosko drustvo ISN , TTS  Drustvo za Transplantacija (Transplantation Society)