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Simona Patcheva MD

Doctor of medicine

Place of birth:


1.11.2019- on going

Clinical hospital Zan Mitrev in Skopje

– General Practitioner


1.10.2017– on going

Medical University in Ljubljana, Slovenia

– PhD Candidate, EQF level 8


15.09.2011– 17.05.2017

SS.Cyrilius and Methodius-Medical faculty in Skopje, Macedonia

– Doctor of Medicine, EQF level 7


1.09.2007– 10.06.2011

SS.Kliment Ohridski, Ohrid

– High school, Matematics and science field

1.09.2018– 1.11.2018

University Clinical Center Rebro, Zagreb (Croatia)

– Visiting doctor and researcher, ERASMUS+ practice stipendist



Institute for cardiovascular rehabilitation St.Stefan

– Visiting doctor



Institute for cardiovascular rehabilitation St.Stefan

– Intern doctor



Medical Clinical Center, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

ERASMUS+ exchange stipendist



University Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady, Prague (Czech Republic)

– Invasive cardiology and cardiosurgery intern


1.08.2014– 1.09.2014

Institute for molecular biology and genetics in Skopje

– Intern


1.07.2011– 1.08.2011

Operation Florian Organization

– First Aid instrictor certificate

2018 Young Academy of Slovenia

2017  ISSLA- Alumni Society of Ivanov School of Young Leaders

2017 European Society of Cardiology

2017 Macedonian Medical Chamber

2003 Red Cross volunteer

▪  Active Speaker at 5th Pro et Contra Conference organized by Medical Student Journal Club, Ljubljana, Slovenia

▪ 38th International Medical Students Congress in Ohrid, Macedonia

▪ Poster Presentation at 37th International Medical Students Congress in Ohrid, Macedonia

▪ 4th Conference: Open days of the laboratory for genetics and pharmacology at Medical faculty- Ljubljana

▪ Cardiosurgical Congress and Heart Failure Symposium BRANO, Zagreb, Croatia

▪ European Congress of Cardiology- Euro Prevent, organized by European Society of Cardiology

▪ 9th congress Think about heart, organized by Medical University in Ljubljana

▪ Ivanov School of Young Leaders- organised by Gjorge Ivanov, President of Republic of Macedonia

▪ 3th Conference: Open days of the laboratory for genetics and pharmacology at Medical faculty- Ljubljana

▪ 4th meeting of cardiovascular surgeons, Zan Mitrev Clinic

▪ Symposium: HPV infections and associated diseases

▪ 1st International conference of molecular biology held in MANU

▪ World Healthcare Students’ Symposium

▪ 4th Balkan Congress of Nuclear Medicine

▪ Active speaker at 2nd Student Conference of Energetical eficiency and sustainable development

▪ Lifeguard course- organised by Red Cross Organisation

▪ Blood donation Motivator- organised by Red Cross Organisation

▪ Leadership school- organised by USAID

Simona Patcheva, Aljaz Levstek: Presyncope is not related to blood count abnormalities; COBISS.SI-ID=296687872 ISBN 978-961-94439-1-0 (pdf)

▪ Monika Simonoska, Hristina Aslimoska, Simona Patcheva: Pathological presentation of atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor on CNS in pediatric patient;  ISBN 978-608-4596-59-2: COBISS.MK-ID 96184330

Simona Patcheva, Elena Peneva, Svetlana Krstevska Balkanov: The Impact of Salmon Durie staging system (CRAB criteria) on newly diasgnosed patients with multiple myeloma in prognosis of achiving remission; 1st International Medical Students Congress Sarajevo

Simona Patcheva, Aleksandar Krleski: Impact of air polution in appeareance of respiratory diseases; ISBN 978-9989-630-71-2: COBISS.MK-ID 100632842

Simona Patcheva, Nevena Ristevska, Shinisha Stojanovski: Postpartum thyroiditis autoimmunity in pregnancy; ISBN 978-608-4596-59-2: COBISS.MK-ID 96184330