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Tanja Angjusheva MD

Specialist in internal medicine - subspecialist cardiology

Place of birth:

Veles, Macedonia


05/06                             First course for 3D echocardiographic imaging (Rotterdam/Netherlands))

09/06                             Advanced course for intraoperative transoesophageal echocardiography (Vienna/Austria))

04/07                             Applied Science for cardio-thoracic surgeons

06/07                             Member of the ISMICS 2007 Program committee (Rome/Italy)

12/07                             Advanced course for CRRT (Gambro /Belgrade/Serbia)

05/08                             Member of the WSCTS 2008 Program committee (Kos/Greece)

05/08                             Member of the board of the Cardiology society of the Republic   Macedonia

06/09                             Member of the ISMICS 2009 Program Committee (San  Francisco/USA)

01/10                             Medical manager of doctors of Special Hospital for Surgery Fillip II

05/12                             Past exam fo subspecialisation of cardiology Medical Faculty , st Ciryl and Methodius University Skopje,Macedonia

05/12                             Coordinator of education and assistant of internal medicine –  Medical faculty Goce Delchev Shtip, Macedonia

02/13                             Medical director of Special Hospital for Surgery Fillip II

05/14                             Key opinion leader for CRRT for Macedonia

09/16                             Started PhD Studies for cardiology – Medical Faculty Goce Delchev Stip

12/18                             Leader of team for mechanical circulatory support for end stage chronic heart failure, (pre-operative, post-operative –intensive care treatment and follow up of heart failure patients


  • 2001 ESAO, European Society for Artificial Organs
    2003 ISMICS, International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery
    2003 Heart Failure Association, ESCARDIO (European Society of Cardiology)
    2004 European-Asian Bridge Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery
    2005 European Society of Cardiology
    2008 WSCTS 2008 member of commission, Kos, Greece
    2008 Board of Directors of the Cardiology Association of Macedonia
    2009 ISMICS 2009 member of commission, San Francisco, USA
    2010 ERC – European Resuscitation Council
    2011 Macedonian Society for Cardiovascular Surgery of the Republic of Macedonia
    2011 Macedonian Society for Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation and Artificial Organs

1972 – 1979                   Primary school ” Trajko Andreev”, Veles

1980 – 1984                   Secondary school “Kosta Racin”,  Veles

1985 -1990                    Medical Studies of the University ” St. Ciril and Methodius “, Skopje/ Macedonia

08/89 – 12/89    Scientific work on topic “Sy Scheechan” Obstetric Clinick Medical Faculty Skopje

12.06.1990                    Graduating on the Medical Faculty of the University “St Ciril and Methodius ”  Skopje/ Macedonia

06/90-10/93                   Employed as a general practitioner in the Military Ambulance in Veles

10/93-12/97                   Specialisation on the Clinic for Internal Diseases Medical Studies of the University ” St. Ciril and Methodius “, Skopje/ Macedonia

10/96-12/98                   Postgraduate schooling, on the Cardiology Clinick on the Medical Faculty on the University in Scopje. Subject: The immunoactivity in patients with ischemic end-stage heart failure

10/93-02/94                   Assistant on the Department for Haemodyalisis Department for internal diseases, Military Hospital Scopje

17.12/97                        Past exam for internal disease on the Medical Faculty on the University in Skopje, Macedonia

02/94-02/00                   Intensive Care Unit , Department for internal diseases Military Hospital Scopje

12/97-02/00                   Coronary stress test, echocardiography and 24h. EKG and ABP Holter monitoring diagnostic, Department for Internal diseases, Military Hospital Scopje

02/00                             Intensive Care Unit Special Hospital for Cardiosurgery “Fillip II” Scopje

12/03-04/04                   IPS 1- Intensive Care Unit 1 Deutsche Hertz Zentrum Berlin

03/04                             School for performing of cardiosurgical intraoperative transoesophageal ultrasound, Deutsche Hertz Zentrum Berlin

03/00 –                           Chief of the Intensive Care Unit, Special Hospital for Cardiosurgery “ FILIP  II”- Skopje/ Macedonia




German basic

Albanian basic


06.2003  Award for the best oral presentation and best audio and visual presentation on the 6th International Congress of the International Society for minimal invasive cardiac surgery. 19.06.3004

03/2004     Award for the best case report -10th annual Meeting CTT, Miami, Florida

06/2008    Letter of appreciation for professional approach as a doctor – from Ministry of defence, Slovenian armed forces SICON 17 KFOR, Republic of Slovenia

11/2016   Highest award from Veles –native town, like honourable citizen who had done important things

09/2017 Award for oral presentation on topic –Surgery in septic patient with acute aortic endocarditis – Case report , 6th International Conference and Exhibition on Surgery, London , UK (prof Goldsmith)

09/2017 Award for oral presentation on topic – Intraoperative 3D transoesophageal valvular evaluation, 6th International Conference and Exhibition on Surgery, London , UK (prof Goldsmith