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Two more patients go home after a successful treatment at the Covid Center of our clinic

  • My father is 65 and his health deteriorated two weeks ago.  We took him to one of the state hospitals where he was hospitalized at once and we were told that he had a Coronavirus. My father had breathing problems, high temperature, and could barely move. After we took him to the hospital, we didn’t see him again. Several times through contacts of ours we managed to receive some information and found out that his health was deteriorating and he would soon end up on a respirator. “That was a sign that we had to do something unless we wanted to lose him,” – told us, our patient’s daughter as she waited to pick her father up, discharged from the hospital and take him home.

The unconscious patient was admitted to our clinic and in an extremely critical condition. Our medical team immediately took all measures regarding treatment of a patient tested positive for Covid 19. He was accommodated in the Covid Center and hemofiltration treatment was started immediately. Throughout the 12-day treatment, the family was continuously informed about all phases and methods used in the treatment of the patient.

  • After we brought my father to Zan Mitrev Clinic we were immediately informed in detail about what and when was to be taken. After the third hemofiltration, my father wanted to go home, fully conscious and in good condition. We were also quire surprised, but this treatment saved my father’s life.  Now, after nearly two whole weeks with a negative Coronavirus test, we are taking him home fresh and in good spirits. We are grateful to the whole team at the clinic and especially to Dr. Zan Mitrev who in this chaotic gloomy time gives hope to all seriously ill people, and not only hope but also salvation that means life – adds his daughter embracing her father.

A day before, a patient who was also hospitalized in our Covid Center also went home in the neighbouing Kosovo after successful treatment. He talks about his experience: