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Eleonora and Theodora will be protégés of our clinic until they reach adulthood

Zan Mitrev Clinic made a decision, the clinic will provide the girls Eleonora and Teodora Stojanovski from Stip free medical assistance and treatment until they reach adulthood.

– That means that the two little sisters will be able to be examined free of charge in our clinic, they will be provided medical care by the paediatric team whenever a need arises, stated Dr. Natasha Chuchkova Nokchevska, a paediatrician at our clinic.

Numerous packages of food, clothing and New Year’s presents arrived virtually from all over the country. The published article on the social networks and TV Star initiated the solution of some of the problems that the family Stojanovski faces, including the health problems of the girls.

– Whatever they wish, or whatever I wish to buy them, I do not have the opportunity to provide that, because I have no money. That was the case for the New Year, my little daughters want a Christmas tree, presents, to take a picture with Santa Claus, however they cannot have these things. I do not have the money to fulfill their wishes and this hurts me a lot, stated Vlatko Stojanovski, a single parent.

With a social welfare of 5.000 denars, one can hardly settle all costs for the month, says Vlatko. A major problem is the regular supply of drugs for the younger daughter Teodora. When she was a baby, immediately after her birth, she had a heart surgery.

– For almost four years after the birth of the younger daughter Teodora, we are constantly in hospitals. She is feeling slightly better now. They do not allow my daughters to go to kindergarten because I have no money to pay for it. What should I settle first in the month with a social welfare of 5.000 denars. Should I pay the bills for water, electricity, the most important medicines for the little one, or buy food. The money is not enough, explained Stojanovski.

Eleonora and Teodora were very happy to see Santa. He arrived in their home with the representatives of the Red Cross of Stip, bringing them many New Year’s gifts, food, toys and inevitable New Year’s presents …

The calls for assistance by humane people did not stop for days. Everyone shares a common thought. Eleonora and Teodora have the right to feel the magic brought by the New Year’s atmosphere …

We are here and we are always willing to help those who need urgent help …