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First aid lectures of the ZMC team for the teachers at “QSI International School of Skopje”

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Today, a team composed of Dr. Tanja Angjuseva, Dr. Natasha Chuchkova Nikchevska and Nurse Zaneta Bogoevska-Miteva held a first aid course at the “QSI International School of Skopje”, for the teachers and other employees of the school. The course developed several scenarios on how to deal with drowning, electric shock, tissue injury, burns, fractures, falls, heat stroke, freezing etc. Special attention was paid for the cases when the injured person is a child.

This first aid course is basically a course for basic emergency life saving treatments for injured. The aim of this course is to help the teachers to improve their skills in this area, to gain self-confidence and to help the affected people in situations where the heartbeat or the breathing stops, until the ambulance team arrives – emphasized Dr. Angjusheva.

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Basic principles were given regarding the pediatric age, for which Dr. Natasha Chuchkova Nikchevska held a presentation.

– The teachers at the school are relatively well acquainted with these conditions and have some preliminary knowledge of first aid in an accident, but still, there were many questions and practical exercises with our “phantom” – a training mannequin – which helped us in our practice. It helped them to try out the presented cases, practically, thus, increase their rescue skills. This is very important and therefore in Western countries, for example with the USA, every citizen goes through a first aid course, which is of great importance for the whole community. It has been scientifically proven that if a first aid is not given immediately to the injured, the chance of survival is much lower, and in children it is even lower because brain death occurs much faster than in adults. Therefore, I think that all those who work with children should know at least the basic life saving and resuscitation procedures – said Dr. Chuchkova Nikchevska.

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The Head of “QSI – Skopje”, Mr. Joshua Gareth, pointed out that the lectures were very useful and exciting considering the possibility that they relate to situations that can happen in real life, and the information was transferred in a way that is very applicable to their lectures.

– I think getting the opportunity to ask questions and get answers helped people who are not medically educated to clarify some things, and it was very effective for us since we got the opportunity to move back and forth around the theme, together with the doctors – pointed out Gareth.

He added that it is very important that besides the theoretical, there are practical exercises since practical exercises with a “phantom” give the self-confidence necessary when faced with a real-life situation.

– Through this practical experience, which is a great benefit for us, the teachers gain self- confidence in acting in emergency situations – emphasized the head of “QSI – Skopje”.

He believes that students would also benefit from obtaining such information because they could help when teachers are not around or when something similar happens outside the school, thus helping a person in danger.