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Following a complicated surgery, a little patient goes home in the arms of his parents

A five-day-old newborn was hospitalized at our clinical hospital due to a complex heart defect -Pentalogy of Fallot, characterized by cyanosis (bluish discolouration) or a decrease in oxygen saturation.

From the third day following its birth, cyanosis and desaturations occurred to the baby. Hence, it was transferred to a children’s clinic, and from there after being diagnosed with a congenital heart defect to our clinic.

In the case of the newborn, it was a complex cyanotic heart defect Pentology of Fallot (in addition to the characteristic 4 defects in our patient, there was another anomaly and that was a communication between the two atria of the heart). Due to the complexity of the defect, immediately after the newborn was admitted to the hospital, the prostaglandin therapy was continued, which served (Dukutus arteriosus) communication, present in the fetal period, to remain; which in the case of our patient enabled the blood supply to the lungs.

Due to the constant presence of cyanosis, it was decided the patient to undergo a surgery immediately. During the surgery, all the heart abnormalities present in our patient were corrected. The postoperative treatment consisted of regular monitoring of all vital parameters and a complete medical support.

During the following days, its general condition gradually stabilized, hence we started feeding the newborn, initially with milk formula and after its mother was accommodated in the hospital she started breastfeeding her baby.

After about ten days spent in our hospital, the newborn went home with his parents in a solid stable condition. After the complete surgical correction of the heart defect in our patient, a period of normal growth and development is to follow, without the necessity of repetitive surgical interventions.