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For the first time, we have implanted a “HeartMate 3” LVAD device at the “Zan Mitrev Clinic”

A left ventricular assist device (LVAD), is a mechanical pump that is implanted during open heart surgery.

Unlike a total artificial heart, the LVAD will not completely replace the function of the heart; instead, the LVAD will assist the heart to do its job; circulate blood through the body.

Implantation an LVAD device can mean the difference between life and death for a person with severe Left heart failure.

This pump was implanted by a surgery team coordinated by Dr Predrag Milojevic and Dr Zan Mitrev.

The postoperative course requires intense monitoring by a clinical staff, consisting, among others, of cardiologists, intensivists and physiotherapists.

During this period, the patient and the family are educated and receive practical advice on how to manage daily life with the LVAD device.

Several international studies have shown that LVAD patients can return to a reasonable quality of life after the first month of implantation. There have been numerous cases described of patients fully recovering left heart function that allows the removal of the LVAD after some time; however, these patients represent a minor subgroup

The 2nd subgroup, are those patients who are unlikely to experience a full recovery of their left heart function following surgery. Those patients will require a heart transplant in the future. Thus, the LVAD is implanted as “bridge-to-transplant”.

The third subgroup comprises patients that receive an LVAD implantation as a destination-permanent therapy; in other words, the LVAD will be implanted for the remainder of the patient’s life; this approach is reserved commonly for patients of advanced age.

We have implemented an intensive monitoring program for the care, treatment and follow-up of LVAD-patients to ensure maximum safety and quality care.

Please see the video below, which was recorded in our clinic and refers to this case.