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Neck and shoulder pain

Modern lifestyle, frequent use of smart devices, reduced physical activity as well as prolonged exposure to stress and inappropriate body positions can all contribute to neck and shoulder pain. Severe pain and stiffness in the muscles are the most common symptoms that occur. Late reaction to the first symptoms after a period of time leads to an inevitable situation in which we must stop working for a few days in order to seek appropriate treatment to reduce pain and improve our condition.

Physical workers or workers who spend long periods of time in front of a computer in an improper position are the ones who suffer most from myalgia of the neck muscles. To prevent this, they need to occasionally stop their activities on a daily basis for 10-15 minutes and do a few exercises in order to improve peripheral circulation in the muscles and work the major muscle groups.

When this condition occurs, it is necessary to apply physiotherapy immediately, even during rest, as physiotherapy covers a wide range of pain treatment techniques and methods and can significantly improve the condition. Pain relief treatments can last for several days, depending on the condition.

Pain relief treatment of this type may include: cryotherapy-cryomassage, manual massage therapy, kinesiotaping, ischemic compression trigger point release, electrotherapy, and later also exercises to strengthen the muscles which will have ecertainly weakened during the periods of strong pain and immobility.

If you have frequent neck pain and feel tension in these muscles, consult our physiotherapists and schedule a treatment at the following telephone number 02/3091484 or 070257-962.