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Patient testimonial: So grateful for being left in the best hands, not only in our country Macedonia but also in the world

When someone gives testimony about what they have experienced in the most difficult moments of their life, it is considered the most sincere testimony that remains embedded forever in the psyche of all those who shall see, read or hear the testimonial.

Here, we share such testimonial from one of our patients who has wanted to share the moments from her experience at our clinic in the past few days and what to her meant a fight for life.

The 55-year-old B.K. having all Covid – 19 infection symptoms and a positive swab, started her treatment in one of the state hospitals, after which her condition drastically deteriorated and she decided to continue the treatment in Zan Mitrev Clinic.

  • Only a few days after the first symptoms I felt difficulty in breathing and I was diagnosed with double pneumonia. I was hospitalized in a state hospital where despite the care given, my condition deteriorated rapidly and drastically and there was a sharp decrease in the work and capacity of the lungs and an increased load on the heart – this is how, our patient who successfully recovered and wanted to share her experience at our clinic, started her testimonial.

Following the deterioration of her condition, she was transferred by ambulance to our clinic where the intensive treatment began.

– The condition I was in was difficult and life threatening. I was immediately put on a blood purification machine – venous hemodiafiltration and oxygen support. Only after a few difficult days I felt that the therapy had started to work, and the parameters that had been quite out of the limits began to return to normal, and also the breathing, although still very difficult, started to become easier.

I am deeply grateful to the medical staff for the excellent care they had given me. I am especially grateful to the physiotherapists who, during the stabilization period of my health condition, following the filtration, immediately started with exercises for lung strengthening, gradually loading them to the point where I no longer need oxygen support. This clinic uses the latest and most modern apparatus for treatment of both:  muscles and easier release of the accumulated secretion in the lungs, and the medications and treatment are personalized and planned for each patient individually. I received an excellent care in all aspects of my treatment, and I was under constant control and examination. I was provided with such psychological support by the professional, kind and cheerful doctors and nurses who in those difficult moments gave me the strength to fight for my life. My family was constantly and regularly informed about my health condition, but they were aware of the fact that I was in the best hands not only in our country Macedonia but also in the world. I express my deep and sincere gratitude to Dr. Zan Mitrev not only for his professionalism and commitment to the patients, but also for building this Clinic and employing this exceptionally professional staff with whom he saved thousands of lives, and now they have saved mine.

I thank them once again and wish them to gain as much strength as possible in order to carry on with their dedicated work and to quickly find a strategy for Covid 19 treatment of the seriously ill patients. I believe that one should only follow the thought of God that sent him here to do good to his people. Be careful, do your best in order to reduce the risk of spreading Covid 19 and to protect yourself and your loved ones! I wish you may be in good health! – Sincerely, B.K.  – this is how, our patient ends her testimonial, to whom we wish she may be in good health and happiness in the future.