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Removal of tonsil: When is best to remove them and how it is done in our clinic

Tonsilloadenoidectomy is a surgical procedure for removing palatal tonsils and adenoid vegetations (third tonsil) from the pharynx and the vault of the pharynx (epipharynx). Palatal tonsils and the third tonsil are assimilation of lymph tissue located in the pharynx between the anterior and posterior palatal arches and the vault of the pharynx (epipharynx).

The most common reasons for surgical treatment of tonsils:

  • Frequent recurrent angina (3 in one year)
  • Recurrent peritonsillar abscesses
  • Designated tonsillar hypertrophy (which makes obstructions)
  • Difficult nasal and mouth breathing
  • Snoring during sleep and Sleep apnea
  • If frequent infections affect the incidence of middle ear infections and hearing loss (acute inflammation, secretory otitis media)
  • Carriage, tonsils as a focal point for infections of other organs – (nephritis, rheumatic fever, alopecia) when proven to be the cause of foetor ex ore.

To establish a correct indication for tonsiloadenoidectomy, it is necessary to obtain a good medical history and perform the following tests:

  • ORL examination (oropharyngoscopy, anterior rhinoscopy, otoscopy)
  • Fiber epipharyngoscopy, nasal and throat swab, KKC with CRP with ACO
  • Tympanometry and audiometry
  • Polysomnography (for the diagnosis of sleep apnea)

At the Zan Mitrev Clinic, surgical treatments of tonsils are performed under general endotracheal anaesthesia with a special ULTRACISION-HARMONIC SCALPEL, which reduces the duration of the surgery, as well as the pain and bleeding in the postoperative period.
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