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Visit a urologist before it’s too late

It is rare for men to visit a urologist for a check-up without having any symptoms or visible problems. Statistics say that men mostly visit the urologist when they already have very pronounced symptoms indicating an advanced stage of a disease, when treatment is much more difficult.
Many men spend their entire lives without visiting a urologist.
However, by avoiding the urologist, men can seriously neglect and endanger their health.
There is no specific age when regular examinations should begin. In younger men, the most common urologic disorders are inflammatory diseases of the urethra and penis glans, as well as inflammation of the prostate or testicles.
Kidney or urinary tract stones are also common. Recently, there has been an increase in malignant diseases, and of special concern is the testicular tumor that occurs between the age of 15 and 40.
Enlarged prostate and prostate cancer usually occur after the age of 45. We can conclude that men should visit a urologist in their youth, but especially after the age of 50.
The urologic examination is a very simple and painless examination. Through conversation, first the urologist determines whether there is a urologic problem, and then the external genitalia and the prostate are examined by palpation.
Then follows an echotomographic examination used for revealing many urologic diseases. It is important to remember that with such check-ups, a disease in an early stage could be detected, thereby ensuring that treatment is more efficient and simplified.