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Zan Mitrev Clinic in constant struggle with the Coronavirus

The latest trends in the treatment of COVID-19 patients applied

During the most severe pandemic that happened to humanity after the Second World War – the COVID-19 pandemic – the main goal of our clinic is to contribute to health preservation by providing the best medical care for each patient through integrated medical practice, education and research.

COVID 19 patients are a serious challenge for treatment because there is currently no targeted therapy and treatment is mainly supportive. Patients with severe form of respiratory failure develop a severe inflammatory syndrome, which is accompanied by the release of so-called inflammatory mediators leading to multiple organ failure and death.

Following the world trends in treating the most severely ill patients in the intensive care units, we at the Zan Mitrev Clinic have been successfully using the method of blood hemofiltration with a special highly absorbent filter (Oxiris) for many years. Our success stories related to venovenous hemodiafiltration with Oxiris filter have been presented at many world-class medical conferences as well as through publications in renowned medical journals. A proof of our compliance with the highest medical standards was the official recognition of the Oxiris filtration by the FDA in April 2020 as part of the COVID-19 treatment. By increasing our medical knowledge and following the latest recommendations for the treatment of COVID-19 patients, we have started another type of blood purification based on the method of hemadsorption of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators with CytoSorb filter (FDA approved for treating critically ill COVID-19 patients). Our initial experiences of using both forms of blood purification are excellent and represent motivation and hope for curing the most severely ill patients struggling not only with COVID-19 infection but also with other forms of inflammatory diseases of both bacterial and viral nature. Filtration is slow, safe, and usually lasts between 12 and 48 hours. During that time, patients are monitored with the most sophisticated electronic laboratory system for the level of inflammatory markers (IL 6, CRP, PCT, etc.) and depending on the results, the therapy is continued or discontinued. The only limiting factor in our country is that these forms of treatment are not recognized by the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of North Macedonia and their use, as well as continuation of the therapy when there is improvement is limited or disabled for financial reasons.

Based on the great experiences, which are published and recognized worldwide, the Zan Mitrev Clinic will continue to strive for the highest standards in care and treatment of the most severely ill patients by following the motto of Immanuel Kant: ”People have a dignity, but not a price!” Human life is priceless!