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Zan Mitrev Clinic writes history: First patient cured of Covid-19 through the blood purification process (video)

With hemofiltration to a negative Covid-19 test.

Last Saturday late night, a patient in a hemorrhagic shock due to rupture of the abdominal aneurysm was admitted. Patients with such condition do not survive unless they are operated on immediately. Bleeding is resolved by replacing the abdominal aorta with a vascular prosthesis. We also took specimen for Covid-19 test.

By the end of the surgery, the result of the Covid-19 test showed that the patient was positive for Covid-19. Upon admission, he had a fever and cough, which confirmed the finding.

Since the Ministry of Health allows treating of Covid-19 patients only in the centers designated for this purpose, immediately after the surgery we tried to transfer the patient to those centers (the surgery was successful) but we did not succeed because all centers were occupied and could not accept the patient.

We had to continue the treatment and the next day we started the process of continuous blood purification with a special filter, which removes all infective mediators created by any blood infection.

We have been using this method for 8 years and with the experience we had with similar conditions of different causes, we knew that this was the only method we could use to help the patient because we do not have any experience with Covid-19 and this type of condition.

The filtration process usually lasts 48 hours continuously, but only after 12 hours, the filter was completely clogged. This was due to many infective mediators and toxins that were at the time circulating in the blood.

After this blood filtration, the patient recovered well and after two days we made another Covid-19 test, which was negative. The next three tests were also negative. So, after only six days of treatment, the patient was in a good general condition, with negative Covid-19 test and we discharged him.

“This is only one positive experience” – say from the Zan Mitrev Clinic.