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ZMC – a valued partner of the European Federation of Critical Care Nursing Associations

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“As one of the members of the European Federation of Critical Care Nursing Associations, we regularly take part in meetings that are held, in order to keep up to date with the novelties in the nursing care or the changes in the standards of care in Europe and beyond”, says Zaneta Bogoevska Miteva, the nurse in-charge of the hospital section of Zan Mitrev Clinic, and also a representative of the Critical Care Nurses Association.

She clarifies that these are meetings of the member states’ representatives of the Federation, where each country has its own delegates who meet twice a year to exchange information, create new projects in the scientific and research activity, with the main purpose that all these member states are involved and contribute to these trends and to follow and implement the positive changes and experiences that, with the help of these scientific projects, influence the change of the guidelines and standards for nursing care.

Among the activities we would like to mention the following:


  • MICU – Multiculturalism of Intensive Care, a project sponsored by ERASMUS Plus and successfully supported by the European Federation. This project will soon result in an e-course for nurses.
  • DecubICUs – a project involving intensive care with over 11 000 patients. Our intensive care was among the participants and this project will contribute to changing or confirming the standards for the prevention and treatment of decubicus of the intensive care.
  • One of the activities of this federation is the organization of congresses. At the eighth congress, organized by the federation, our representative – Nurse Zhaneta Bogoevska Miteva – is going to present two abstracts: the first one with the topic “How we at Zan Mitrev Clinic educate our nurses at the school we have organized and the second one is about The quality and specifications of the diet of our patients.

These are the abstracts I am going to present at the congress that is to be held in February next year – says Bogoevska Miteva.

All of our activities contribute to the improvement of quality and care so that we are able to  follow the European trends. As part of the scientific and research activity together with everyone else, we participate and act on positive changes in the improvement of the standards in these areas.

From the experience so far, we can establish that our experiences are welcomed and highly appreciated and they are accepted as well, due to the high ranking of the clinic because of the positive experience of our patients, thanks to which we established ourselves as an equal and valued associate.


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