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D-r Kenso Kase on a Kinesiotaping Seminar in Zan Mitrev Clinic

Over 50 current and future physiotherapists from our country and from the neighboring countries, have attended the Kinesio – Seminar and the workshop, that took place on April 21st 2019, at the Zan Mitrev Clinic. The event was organized by the Macedonian Physiotherapeutic Association, in cooperation with the company FILA – PHARM, which was also supported by our clinic. The participants of the seminar had the honor to upgrade their knowledge and their skills, by learning directly from D-r Kenzo Kase, the innovator of the kinesiotaping technique and the tapes under the brand “Kinesio”, which may be purchased at our Fila pharmacy or Fila Pharm.


What is kinesio taping?

It is a technique for sticking “Kinesio Tex” tapes, which have a function to accelerate the natural healing process of the organism, providing a support and stability of the muscles and joints, without their limitation. The “Kinesio Tex Tape” is an elastic adhesive tape, developed by the Japanese chiropractitioner D-r Kenzo Kase. It is a hypoallergenic, waterproof strip, made of cotton fibers with acrylic glue that may be used for several days and is safe to be used on the wide population, from athletes to pediatric patients.


Kinesio Taping is commonly used:

– as a support of the muscles (improves contractions of the weak muscles, reduces the muscle fatigue and the cramps and allows for a greater volume of movement reducing the pain)

– in order to decrease the edema and hematomas (improves the blood and the lymph circulation, to reduce the temperature and increase the elimination of toxins in the muscle tissue and thus reduces inflammation and pain in the skin and muscles)

– to activate the internal analgesic systems (to activate the spinal and the efferent inhibitory system)

– upon a correction of the joint problems (improves the ratio of the joint surfaces that is provoked by spasm or shortening of the muscles, normalizes the muscle tonus and the disorders in the particular fascia, increases the movement volume and reduces the pain)

D-r Kase says that this method is suitable for both children and pregnant women without any side effects, obtaining many possible benefits.

– The Kinesiotaping has four functions: to relieve the pain, to correct the joint dysfunction, to inhibit or to help the muscle function and to help with inflammation and impaired circulation problems. The patch creates micro spaces between the various tissues, to allow a free flow and purification of the fluids in the body. This is called Hydrokinetic, where the liquid (Hydro) can move (kinetics) – says D-r Kase.

He underlines that this method gives excellent results in post-operative Kinesiotaping and in the EDF concept which is very promising in treating neurological conditions and body aches.

D-r Kase adds, that sometimes, the place where you experience the greatest pain, is not the right place where the Kinesio is needed. After the received advice, many people can learn from the therapist how to put the stickers on themselves, at home.

The Macedonian Physiotherapist Association continues its cooperation with the Kinesio University of America in organization of the courses that are already scheduled and the registration is underway.

CT1 / 2 will take place on June 1st and 2nd of the year 2019, and the CT 3 on November 1st and 2nd  in 2019, at the Zen Mitrev Clinic.

The registration takes place at the next email address or by telephone +38970/772122.

The attendees are also informed that Macedonia already has a distributor of Kinesio products and that is the FILA – PHARM, a one of the Macedonian Physiotherapeutic Association’s partners. The Fila Pharm is a pharmaceutical company that fulfills the requirements of the Macedonian physiotherapists, in order to make the original kinesio tapes, available to them.