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Diagnostics of temporomandibular joint derangement with a magnetic resonance in Zan Mitrev Clinic

At the course that was held last week, organized by the Educational Center “Orto Denta ES”, Dr. Lidija Veljanovska Kiridzievska from Zan Mitrev Clinic held a speech.

As a representative of our clinic she delivered a lecture on the Diagnostics of Temporomandibular Joint Derangement (disc displacement) with a magnetic resonance. This type of imaging, which is very rare in the region, is performed at Zan Mitrev Clinic, at the Department of Radiodiagnostics. The held course was also marked by the continuous cooperation between our clinic and the Stomatology Polyclinic Dentaestetik, and together we will be the first medical institution in the country that will develop MR diagnostics in this field.

The course on the topic “Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction” encompassed several areas, from temporomandibular joint diseases and disorders, cause, origin and diagnosis, specifically focusing on the exact effect on the pathology of the jaw joint and the position of the teeth, and its impact on the body’s posture in children, to the development of jaw joints and malocclusion that cause pathology.

The course also included a discussion on the issues of orthodontic treatment in children, the purpose and nature of splint therapy, as well as electromyography and balance of face and neck muscles.

In the part of lectures with demonstrations and practical exercises, the topic “Diagnosis of Pathology of TMJ” was encompassed, as well as Hands-on exercises and philosophy in the basis of this therapy. The practical work included “Ideal Position of Mandible and Articulation” as an orthodontic diagnosis.

The event aroused great interest, and the discussion and the issues arising from the event were only an evidence that this issue is current and requires an additional discussion and information on new practices and methods, not only for the medical fellowship, but for the general population as well.