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Dr. Zan Mitrev: Motivation directly means success

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“Red Cross in Action – Promotion of Human Values” (RCA-PHV) is a project that is being continuously implemented in our country, for many years so far, by the Red Cross of the City of Skopje, which has been appointed implementer by the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia. In this year’s celebration, the head of the clinic “Zan Mitrev Clinic”, Dr. Zan Mitrev, also took part.

The idea for this project was initiated in 1996 by the Red Cross of Macedonia and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), supported by the Norwegian Red Cross. The project is a domestic product created in accordance with the local customs and cultural norms, and it is constantly being upgraded according to the needs that will arise on the ground.

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At the event that took place on 03.10.2018 in the Macedonian National Theater, Dr. Zan Mitrev referred to motivation as a topic, with a special emphasis on the youth.

– Motivation is something that directly relates to the brain and many relate it with the heart. The heart, on the other hand, is such a unique organ that moves, and we cannot feel that, and at the same time it participates in our feelings, while motivation is an integral part of our lives, of our feelings. When you observe from a different perspective, motivation in the society is a great science. Various institutes and many scientists deal with this issue. The main question is how motivation is created in people. Or the other way around, why someone does not have it. Worldwide this is a problem for many young people. Because it is precisely all these new social movements that they cannot cope with. They cannot be motivated for something, they cannot start doing something because they do not perceive any sense or essence in all that. Motivation directly means success – emphasized Dr. Mitrev.

Among other things, this program should teach young people to respect the real values ​​of life: peace, tolerance, coexistence, and all that under the cover of humanity and the true principles that the Red Cross strives for. This was pointed out at the event.

The main goal of the RCA-PHV is to involve young people of different ethnic backgrounds and different groups in joint projects aimed at building mutual understanding, tolerance and a culture of dialogue.

The mission of the RCA-PHV program is to promote the culture of dialogue as a basic prerequisite for creating an intercultural society and promoting active knowledge and active attitude towards life, through the principles and values ​​of the Red Cross.