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International Meeting of Distributors “Cardiovascular Surgery”

On June 27th this year, the traditional distributors’ meeting of the German manufacturer of surgical threads, parenteral solutions and solutions for wounds treatment SERAG WIESSNER, took place in the RN Macedonia in cooperation with FILA FARM Ltd as an exclusive distributor in the country for more than 15 years.

This distributors’ meeting took place under the title “Cardiovascular Surgery” at the Clinical Hospital “Zan Mitrev”. The guests were distributors from several countries: Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Bahrain. In the first part of this event, through extensive presentations, the long-term use of Serag’s products in the daily operation at the clinic, was presented. All cardiovascular surgeries in which the Serag threads were used, as well as a presentation of a case in which the use of Serag-Lavanid wounds disinfection agents was applied for a first time.

The continuous use of these threads is an evidence of the high and unchanged quality. The second part of the presentation took place at the Marriott Hotel, where the representatives of the SERAG WIESSNER, have presented their products and the so far achievements, through their presentation. Also, the other distributors, through their own examples, have exchanged their experiences and knowledge.

The FILA FARM, as of this year, as part of the SERAG WIESSNER (Lavanid and Lavanox), solutions for wound treatment, started a distribution in our FILA pharmacy, as well as, throughout the pharmacies countrywide.