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Земањето на примероци за анализа за COVID-19 се врши единствено по претходно закажување


Ве информираме дека примањето и земањето на примероци за анализа за COVID-19 се врши единствено по претходно закажување.

Пожелно е сите закажувања да се вршат електронски преку следнава електронска пошта:

Доколку немате можност да го направите закажувањето електронски, Ве молиме да се јавите на тел. 02/3091-484 секој ден во период од 07 до 19 часот.

Со почит,

Жан Митрев Клиника

389 2 3091500

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A new type of testicular prosthesis implanted in a young patient

One of the newest types of testicular prosthesis was implanted in a young patient at the Zan Mitrev Clinic. Dr. Goran Jovic, who is an urological surgeon in our clinic, says that such prosthesis are a safe and adequate replacement for the loss of one or both testicles.

– It’s an implantation of a testicular prosthesis. The procedure was performed on a young patient who had lost one testicle in a car accident. This testicular prosthesis is not only an aesthetic solution but also helps the patient return to normal life without any difficulties. He will not have the feeling of a removed organ and will have a normal sex life with no disability. That is one of the goals why such a prosthesis is implanted – explains Dr. Covic.

This implanted prothesis is the first of its kind, a soft type of prothesis that provide fine imitation of a natural testis.

– The postoperative period is short. The patient remains in the hospital for 24 hours and is back to normal  functioning after ten days – adds Dr. Covic.

A testicular prosthesis can be implanted in case of loss of one or both of the testicles for any reason.