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Користејќи ги дигиталните информациски и комуникациски технологии, Zan Mitrev Clinic обезбеди електронски пристап до здравствените услуги кога не е потребна или можна Ваша лична посета.

Воведуваме online консултација, советување со лекар специјалист од одредена област во траење од 10 минути која е овозможена преку видео комуникација.

За време на видео разговорот, лекарот може да ве советува за терапијата, да предлага стратегии за домашна нега или да препорача дополнителни медицински испитувања.

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What is hysteroscopy?

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What is hysteroscopy?

Operative hysteroscopy is a phenomenal breakthrough in the treatment of gynecological problems and the health of many women. With a direct visualization of the uterine cavity using a camera we can solve many problems affecting women who previously required surgery. Abnormal uterine bleeding is a symptom in about 40% of women who come for gynecological examination. Some of them are treated with hormone therapy, but in many of them there is a change in the uterine cavity, which we nowadays treat microinvasive as one-day surgery with a minimal recovery period. Today, many women whose professional responsibilities prompt them to return to work quickly seek alternative modalities of classical surgery.

Operative hysteroscopy is the today’s golden standard for removing polyps and visible myomas in the uterine cavity, endometrial ablation, which we use in women who have completed reproduction, and who have extensive menstruation leading to anemia, and general weakness.

Besides its use for treating intrauterine pathology followed by abnormal and profuse uterine bleeding, hysteroscopy is used to solve the problem of congenital uterine abnormalities, as well as infertility by uterine barriers resection.

Today, hysteroscopy has a significant place in daily gynecological practice, bringing major advances in the treatment of women.

Spec. Irena Andonova M.D.

 Zan Mitrev Clinic