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Користејќи ги дигиталните информациски и комуникациски технологии, Zan Mitrev Clinic обезбеди електронски пристап до здравствените услуги кога не е потребна или можна Ваша лична посета.

Воведуваме online консултација, советување со лекар специјалист од одредена област во траење од 10 минути која е овозможена преку видео комуникација.

За време на видео разговорот, лекарот може да ве советува за терапијата, да предлага стратегии за домашна нега или да препорача дополнителни медицински испитувања.

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Patients and the employees from the Zan Mitrev Clinic were running on the Skopje Marathon

Mr. Slobodan Dodevski is a patient of our clinic who after several surgeries in the past years, is with excellent fitness and as a participant in the today’s marathon (May 4th 2019), led the team of employees in this traditional race.

Forty employees from nearly all departments have manifested how the sport can send strong messages of unity, strong spirit, unity and friendship between the patients and the medical staff, a relationship that is nurtured after leaving the hospital sections.

The successfully completed race showed that we were all ready and sufficiently well concentrated, with balanced forces, to round-out, the ideas that we started, and which is actually the method of our entire work.

We remain to be “The path to hope” for all those who need us, at times when it is hardest.

Until the next marathon…  stay in good health and in a good mood!