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Zhan Mitrev Clinic compared to the Mayo Clinic, for the third time, received the Golden Seal from the Joint Commission International

Third in a row Golden Seal from the Joint Commission International for Zhan Mitrev Clinic.  This recertification confirms once more that this healthcare institution possesses the highest standards with respect to the quality of the healthcare services and patient safety care. 

“From the analysis we determined that Zhan Mitrev Clinic has the capacity and the potential to be the Mayo Clinic not only for the Balkans, but also Europe. It has great capacity in the operating rooms and expertise of the medical staff, a well-functioning health information system, great commitment and professionalism of the physicians and other staff and most importantly, this hospital has excellent leadership”, said Dr. Michael Nwynn, member of the Joint Commission International’s accreditation committee.

This certificate once again placed the Zhan Mitrev Clinic on an equal footing with all the other internationally accredited institutions. The work of the Zhan Mitrev Clinic was surveyed by a survey team of three members from the headquarters of the Joint Commission International in Chicago.

“The accreditation evaluation includes 1200 measurable elements and according to the final survey report, the final assessment is that all the conditions have been met.  In receiving the reaccreditation, particular attention should be placed on improving the performance of the hospital, and here it is evident that all of the processes have been greatly improved. The overall performance, functioning, quality, and the safety of the patients and of the staff are on an exceptionally high level and appropriate for receiving the Golden Seal of the Joint Commission International”, said Mrs. Britt de Cordier, member of the Joint Commission International’s accreditation committee.

The reaccreditation report concluded that the Zhan Mitrev Clinic represented its country and international medical practice on a very high level. 

“To be among the JCI accredited hospitals is prestigious internationally. Nevertheless, this accreditation means to us much more because we receive it at a time of a paradoxical situation when we are accused because of our success and our quality. The entire team of the Zhan Mitrev Clinic bore a huge burden during the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw here the most difficult patients with COVID-related complications, in our Intensive Care Unit. We achieved great results with huge efforts and saved the lives of many patients. Our work does not stop here, we continue with the utmost commitment to care for the wellbeing of our patients” said Dr. Zhan Mitrev. 

The clinic was first accredited by JCI in 2017, then in 2020, during the wake of  the COVID pandemic is was one of the few hospital internationally that did not postpone its reaccreditation and was reaccredited.  This accreditation is the third in row that passed without remarks.

JCI was formed in the United States of America in 1994 as an independent nonprofit organization that accredits and certifies healthcare institutions worldwide. The JCI accreditation is considered the Golden Standard in global healthcare with respect to service quality and patient safety.