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12. Tања Пампел, Nursing specialist for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Universitares Herzzentrum…

Dr. Mitrev and I have known each other since his time at Frankfurt University Hospital where I was a critical care nurse at cardiosurgical ICU. Even then he was an excellent, very fast surgeon with a charismatic personality. Ever since November 2002, each year I spend two or three months at Filip II. My job here is theoretical and practical education of the nursing staff, implementing current European standards and improving work-flow organization.

Not only has Dr. Mitrev been a pioneer for heart surgery in Macedonia, Filip II is also setting new standards to diagnostics, nursing and hospital management. The nurses have come a long way from lacking any systematic education to the level of professionalism we have now.

What keeps me enthusiastic about Filip II even after almost five years is not only its medical, organizational and economic proficiency, but the devotion of its staff to the institution, the familiar interpersonal relations providing for excellent work atmosphere and interdisciplinary cooperation. It?s the openness to change, creativity and innovation, the can-do-approach -anything is possible and any good idea can be realized immediately. I wish that would be the case in German healthcare.

Dr. Mitrev and his staff have built Filip II from scratch. They have come a long way and are still constantly advancing. I?m grateful for the tasks and chances I?ve been given in this extraordinary institution, I have made good friends and I?ll for sure keep coming back.