Novelties in endoscopy in the focus of the European Gastroenterology Week

Дневна доза здравје

ноември 11,2017

Dr. Zdravko Stojkovski, a gastroenterologist in the hospital participated at the 25th European Congress, which was held from October 28 to November 1, 2017, in Barcelona, Spain. Within the European Gastroenterology Week numerous novelties in endoscopy were presented, which are being applied in specialized European hospitals. The case reports were presented live and they attracted the attention of the participants, with a special interest for the cases from the clinics in Barcelona. In addition, there were 378 oral presentations during the event, and 1963 posters. This great traditional gastroenterology week unites specialists from many countries, and this year there were 12.810 participants from 116 countries, and the Macedonian specialists gastroenterologists were among them, including Dr. Zdravko Stojkovski.