Безболно хируршко решавање на хемороидална болест (ХАЛ)

Дневна доза здравје

ноември 11,2017

The hemorrhoidal disease is a disease of the modern time. In addition to the genetic predisposition, eating habits and lifestyle also contribute for 50% of the population at their middle and older age to have temporary or frequent difficulties caused by hemorrhoidal disease. The symptoms of hemorrhoidal disease include: itching, perianal dermatitis, burning sensation in the anus, thrombosis (clotting) in the hemorrhoidal nodes, pain (especially during defecation), inflammatory changes in the hemorrhoidal nodes, bleeding, prolapse of the hemorrhoids through the anus.

In order to successfully resolve the disease, the most efficient method for resolution and treatment of hemorrhoidal nodes was introduced in ZAN MITREV CLINIC – HAL. An exclusive and unique method in Macedonia, recognizable for Prim. Dr. Mane Hadzi-Manchev, a specialist general surgeon, who is a part of the team of ZAN MITREV CLINIC. So far, Prim. Dr. Hadzi-Manchev has performed approximately 280 successful surgeries applying this gold standard for resolution and treatment of hemorrhoidal nodes.

HAL is a method that represents Doppler guidance of ligation of the hemorrhoidal arteries, which in most cases permanently and with minimal discomfort treats increased hemorhoidal nodes. HAL is a new inventive surgical method which resolves the cause of the occurrence of an increased hemorrhoidal knot. The surgery last approximately 60 minutes depending on the number of arteries that need to be ligated. After the short postoperative monitoring, that lasts maximum 24 hours, the patient can leave home. Many of the patients who had a surgery, can return to their everyday activities in only 7 days. The period that is required for patients to heal completely is 6-8 weeks.

Thousands of successfully operated patients throughout the world, and many comparative studies show that HAL currently is a gold standard for resolution and treatment of hemorrhoidal nodes.